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    Thank you! I guess I'll have to wait the thing is my nutrition / training have been down for months now and I was wondering hwo to take it to the next level I'm currently taking, fish opil, multi,whey and BCAA with the occasional Pre-Workout. Is there any other supplements maybe not as hardcore as anabeta you would reccomend?
    No worries

    I'm not sure what you mean by "have been down". Reference to being on target for you for gains (which your other posts on the forum suggest - if I am wrong, I apologize), or aimed at fat loss? Or not that great and need a lot of improving?

    As far as what supplements to use, stick to the basic staples - add creatine in there, since it doesn't look like you have it. You can "take it to the next level" through simply manipulating and maximizing your nutrition (in response to some of your other posts on the forum, carbohydrates post-training are FINE, and you do NOT need to eat protein and carbohydrates separately from each other - in the end, as I said before, as long as your nutrition is right for YOU, you are ok) and training. I have several clients who have used nothing but the basic staples and had amazing results - turning former supplement junkies and those who used to use anything and everything possible under the sun regardless of whether it was in line with their goals or not, into believers of "you don't need anything but the basics if your nutrition and training are targeted specifically for YOU re your goals and needs".

    Check out a few articles re nutrition, supplementation, and training based on goal:
    * If your goal is muscle gain, see here, especially review Maximize Your Muscle Growth.
    * If your goal is fat loss, see here, especially review The 3 Keys to Fat Loss.

    I also recommend that you continue doing as much personal research of your own as possible and soak up the knowledge (make sure your sources are reliable, since not everything is "true", and for some things, you also have to experiment for yourself to see what is the "best" way of doing it), so that you can know what to do and apply it to yourself re goals, progress, and desired results.

    If you continue to be unsure or don't know what to do, then the best thing you can do is get yourself a trainer who can and will INDIVIDUALIZE your nutrition and training, and make sure that they explain to you WHY they have done what they have for you, so that you learn and understand, since EVERYthing from your training programme to your nutrition plan to your supplementation regime should be specific to YOU and your goals and needs - there should be no "useless", "just because", or "feel like it" anything in what you are doing.


    "Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose." - Rosie Chee

  2. is this a testosterone supp?

  3. It is a natural anabolic supplement.
    PEScience Representative


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