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  • ScottyDoc
    Clear out your INBOX...

    Yo Bro, I'm copy-catting your egg eating contest idea! I love it, I made a few different rules, but great idea, just wanted to make sure you knew I was giving you credit for it! YOKED UP is an awesome name by the way! Check out my contest, it is in my weekly trivia thread.
    haha PMs are off for everyone. Board maintenance
    Patrick Arnold
    you guys have to tone down the "we are better than everyone" stuff in your posts. it is insulting to other companies and if you want to succeed in this industry you cant do that. plus modesty goes alot farther with consumers anyway
    Delete PMs dude!!!
    And check out my back lift on my log :D
    can i choose something else?(instead of cycle support)
    hey i think i figured out how to get around it (the IP prob)
    Mexicano hasta la verga!!!! de done eres? Michoacan?
    your box was full, so i couldnt send a response but i joined
    hahaha hilarious dude few things make me laugh out loud like this did
    Something in me is ****ed up, i stoped taking it and i had the ****s for a week. I guess i gotta start over and ease into it really slowly. I must have bad gut health lol.
    Hey guy.. clear you PM's ! haha

    I need to send you valuable info ASAP !! :)
    Maybe some day ill get older and my metabolism will slow down and i will know what it's like to cut lol...
    Tryin to catch up to you, still have a lot of eatting to do!
    Cool thanks for the tip I'll be sure to try them out pretty soon!
    Dwight Schrute
    Hello SouthernCharm,

    Welcome to AM!

    Please take some time to check out our uniques feature here at Anabolicminds! Create your profile, track your diet and workout, join a group, or just graph your overall progress! Thanks for joining AM and enjoy your stay!
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