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  • hi patrick, been looking at dragon nutritions m-dien (uk). what are your thoughts on this compound for a cut
    Hi patrick
    was wondering....because deer antler spray produces IGF-1 do you think that is would show up in a W%$A drug test...urine or blood....would you think that spray would even do anything in terms or recovery, injury prevention and bsically all the benifits that it IGF is ment to do....
    im currently supplementing with test force 2. this is my second day. i take one serving in the am on and empty stomach and 1 serving preworkout with another preworkout supplement. everytime i take the test force i get the runs(diarrhea) within 20 minutes. i was wonder if i should take the test force 2 with a meal? will that interfere with the absorption? im wondering if im even absorbing any of it since im immediately using the restroom after comsumption.what do u suggest?
    Hello Patrick. When will 6 OXO extreme be available again? I noticed it is no longer in Gaspari Halodrol liquigels. The 6oxo was replaced with 5-alpha. The 6oxo version works much better.
    Acceleron Initiates Phase 1 Clinical Trial For ACE-031 To Treat Diseases Involving Muscle Loss
    Main Category: Muscular Dystrophy / ALS
    Also Included In: Neurology / Neuroscience; Clinical Trials / Drug Trials
    Article Date: 21 Oct 2008 - 6:00 PDT

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    Rare condition gives toddler super strength
    Updated Wed. May. 30 2007 9:44 AM ET

    Associated Press

    ROOSEVELT PARK, Mich. --

    Liam Hoekstra was hanging upside down by his feet when he performed an inverted sit-up, his shirt falling away to expose rippled abdominal muscles.

    It was a display of raw power one might expect to see from an Olympic gymnast.

    Liam is 19 months old.

    But this precocious, 22-pound boy with coffee-colored skin, curly hair and washboard abs is far from a typical toddler.

    "He could do the iron cross when he was 5 months old," said his adoptive mother, Dana Hoekstra of Roosevelt Park. She was referring to a difficult gymnastics move in which a male athlete suspends
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