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  • Bnatural
    It won't let me leave reppage for you, I need to spread the love elsewhere, but thanks for the help!
    No problem. What you are saying makes total sense to a logical person.
    hey buddy i just wanted to thank u for recommending that derma mag. ive been on a week and already feel a better. thanks again.
    not to much just about to start my summer!
    De nada brother. Just doing a lot of med coverages for field ops and leave Wed for an exercise in Peru for a month.
    reservist o_O

    I'm a Guard bum, 4 years out of 5 active.
    Yeah this guy is 56...he's got nearly 40 years in service...I have no clue how he made it so far, I have a Major who bitches to me regularly about him, which is awkward o_O

    I took that photo like 8 weeks ago...I didn't have accurate measurements when I started, but in my log HST Rage in Iraq - cant link in a message- I have some measurements from 3 weeks ago and yesterday

    in 3 weeks my chest grew 3 inches, arms 1/2 inch, thighs half inch...I;m fairly impressed :p
    Army Guy
    always my friend!!!! about to make them do a PT test as I write this!!
    negative! I mean technical the president is a civ so were all taking orders from him, but not my boss is a MSG, most incompetent soldier I have ever met in my life...
    Meh, it could be better I suppose. My normal boss is on leave, and the guy I work night shifts with now...I literally want to shoot myself in the face 11 hours of the day...
    haha when I was reading that at first i as like wtffff, haha im doing good, started a new stack that im lovin
    Thanks Man, much appreciated. Symmetry is my focus first then comes size. I want to be big as possible while keeping aesthetic. That is the true end game for me.
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