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  • toughchick401
    so my blaack eye has turned into a slight fracture of my eye socket!!!! ARE YOU FRICKING KIDDING ME!!!!!????? I am soooo done..:(
    yo man i got some flashover headin my way i cant wait to use it. I got 2 more months in this damn back brace then im gonna start hittin the gym hard again. Im gonna try and start working on a diet plan and **** now i guess haha
    hey im alive, been a hard few months, school is almost done (thank god)..hope your well
    picture sent nose is fine!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
    im here, posting, lurking, but here..weight these days low, been sick trying to eat things that don't make me puke, crap or gag!!!!!!!!!!! i pierced my nose....will send picture :)
    It's the Fukin CATALINA WINE MIXER!!! See you there :D
    Hey man just checking in and seeing how things are going??
    Are you using any APS Products at this time??
    What is your favorite APS Product? Maybe I can get you some samples of other APS products??
    Im not sure if you had anything to do with me getting back on bro. But if you did, thaaaaaaaannnnk yooooouuuuu lol
    Here's an invitation ;)
    Thanks Tom.

    I have 3 bottles of every PH Primordial Performance has and would like to try and make them last for a long as possible due to their availability now a days.

    I was thinking about getting creative with PCT and just bridge my Turinabol and Dermacrine stack right into the USP Labs Asteroid stack + Pink Magic since I have so many bottles of each..

    Do you think that would be ok to do ??

    I value your opinion and appreciate the feedback :)
    No log this time, but this stuff is sick. I'm having absolutely no sides and my workouts are unreal.

    I'm starting week 3 though today and was wondering when you feel PCT should be started. I'm starting the liver juice today but was just wondering because PCT timing is critical !

    Take care Tom !
    Hey bro !

    Just started my Dermacrine and Turinabol stack on Monday :)

    I'm dosing both am and both PM with high protein meals... this ok so far ? haha
    thanks brother I cleared them out now.:D
    Your support is appreciated -->
    lol - sorry about the full PM box - i thot i was getting fewer PMs than usual today, lol.
    Haha **** I wish dude...I wish...shed make a great partner
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