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    List your favorite NATTY TEST BOOSTER for PCT

    HCGenerate.. Love fadogia!
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    What product is better than Pink Magic for a Test booster?

    Ive got to second HCGenerate and DAA. I had bloodwork for DAA and it raised my test significantly and HCGenerate did great for me my last PCT so I know it works well. Increased libido, aggression and slight strength gains. Everything you would want in a natty booster.
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    New Weight loss stack after gaining cycle oxyelite pro

    I really did like CLA/Egcg together. I stacked that with NTBM's Adderllin, and got a very nice clean focus and energy from it.
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    Where to purchase PH's online such as Havoc, XFactor, Superdrol, Halodrol etc?

    Mr Supps has always been solid. Free shipping and needto10 gets you 10% off your order.
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    Please review my SD (Beastdrol) PCT

    The only reason to taper your AI (erase) up is to find a good level for you. I tried it before and my joints started aching so I had to take the dose down a bit. Ive run SD twice now and I have to say that it's always good to have some quality anti inflammatory like fish oil and some joint...
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    fish oil-importance of 6:3 ratio and dha:epa

    Krill Oil seems to have a nice balance of Omegas, Ive been trying to limit the amount of pills I take in and Krill TS is a good option for quality omegas.
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    My Krill-TS Review

    Im guilty of stocking up on cheap fish oil, and then I regret it every time I take it. Fish burps are nasty. But this high quality oil from Krill is definitely going to be added to my regimen.. Once I finish off my giant bottles of fish oil lol
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    Pisses me off... How everyone reacts different!!!!

    Ive learned over the years that it will never do you any good comparing your situation to that of someone else. Don't expect someone to have the same exact gains as you or vice versa..
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    My Transformation

    It's a great thing when you have someone who is constantly motivating you and challenging you, not everyone can share that determination and at the end that sense of accomplishment. Both of you keep up the great work!
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    Cardio 20min after quad injection?

    none of the spots I pin "leak" 20 minutes post injection... so i dont see an issue.
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    Cheapest epi clone that's still good and pure

    Epistrong is great stuff. It's coming back by popular demand
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    Possible to get a 6 pack in 3.5 weeks?

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    Chocolate Banana Better Protein Bars - Review and Pic!

    Dude you make your bars exactly how I make mine... That syrup is pretty damn good. And Naturally More, I have like 8 tubs of it stacked in the pantry.
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    New Additions at The NTBM Store!

    The new line up sure covers about every base. I'm looking forward to the new TD!
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    NTBM's Dermacrine

    I can't wait to get me some of that!