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  • Hello, I think you are and admin. I am currently going through all the accounts I made when I was younger and deleting the ones that I no longer use. I do not read or post on this site anymore and would appreciate it if I could have me account deleted; also this way I won't receive emails anymore.

    Hey man. First off let me say thanks for the awesome info regarding IGF-1. You pretty much have all the info a newbie like me needs. I actually printed your original post out to follow so I could mix the AA and pep. I was wondering if you could elaborate on few more topics tho.

    1. How do you know if your IGF-1 is working?
    - I bought mine from great white peptides and mixed it and everything just like u said. Some people say if u inject an hour before u should feel such intense pumps that you can't workout but I haven't noticed that.

    2. Do you need to refrigerate your IGF-1 after mixing with AA?
    - I've heard differing opinions on this.

    3. Do you know if the IGF will last if you mix it first with your AA then store it with the BA already added? Or will that destroy it?

    Thanks man I really appreciate it!

    Sup Dwight I started a new thread. Tried to find it by going to find latest post it isnt there.
    My bad for posting a thread in anabolic section
    is there anyway to copy the info i had on my Log Called "Blasting my way through the fat with DNP" into the cycle info section?

    i would really hate to type everything out, can we do anything here?

    which bear is the strongest bear?
    Hey Dwight, i was wondering if i could change my username to "NickC89" if possible. Thanks!
    Hey Dwight, do you know how I can delete my account? I can't seem to find the option under settings, or is there an email address I can write to?
    Quick question for you, I was reading about HST in a thread that you commented quite a few times in and you seem well versed in training specifically for Hypertrophy...

    With that being said, do you have a couple of routines specifically that you like? I saw that yoiu mentioned TUT and am going to research that but, you said there are quite a few in that thread. Just a quick response would be greatly apprectiated...

    I didn't want to bump a 3 year old thread and when you ask about training just for size on these forums people pretty much flame the **** out of you and act like you're some sort of crazy person.

    Thanks Valdez
    Hello Dwight, It's been quite some time since I last viewed AM, the reason? well, I began using CJC1295 (with DAC) some years ago. At first I referred to datBtrue's articles & he has certainly been the Guru as regards CJC1295. I also received advice from experienced users & after I was experienced in using it myself I tried to help others.
    About me? well, I'm a TESOL teacher in China, been here for <> 9 years. I would be one of the oldest AM members at 71 & still going strong.
    Anyone know anything about tribol 60 and what Pct to use.
    thanks for the welcoming message I'm relativley new to the lifestyle but I hope to be involved with am!!
    thanks dwight, great info on this forum!
    A friend of mine was banned and wanted me to send a msg that he was unaware that what he did was not acceptable. he wanted to post pics in a forum and didn't have enough posts. his user name if FABman and wanted me to apologize for his actions and that he did not know what he did was unacceptable. whatever happens with his AM space doesn't matter just that he is sorry!
    Sup Dwight, I just finished my profile and was wondering where i can post( due to the five post restriction).
    Thanks in advance!
    Hey Dwight. Can't figure out how to give out rep points. Did it a couple of times before but can't remember how.
    Thanks Dwight. I'm very impressed that you're faster than 80% of snakes. I hope that the 80% covers all poisonous varieties.
    thanks for letting my join. looking forward to checking everything out
    Hey Dwight I'm new to AM and just wondering how to start a thread? It's my first time on a site like this and I'm kind of confused by it all lol.
    Hey, whats up? Quick question, was viewing my profile and saw that some info was already filled out. How do I change it? THX
    hey thanks for the reply... i just cant figure out ho how to chat or do i have to joine a group to chat??? thanks much
    hey Dwight when do you think the trackers will be up and running?
    thanks for the welcome, the tracking link says its down for maintenance will try again later i am training for the tough mudder may 29th
    hw do i find people here that are currentley online?
    hello, how do i update my info i dont smoke or drink:)
    Bobo, thanks for getting my profile up and working again. Great being back on here again.
    hello and thanks for the welcome.
    the workout tracker seems to not be working based on the links provided.
    dreamweaver/ doug walker sent me here. i have known him for years online and i was lucky enough to find him again after a google search.
    i used to be into powerlifting but its time to be a bodybuilder because thats what works best for my build
    How do I update my profile info?
    thanks 4 the welcome message,, and 2nd off,, im in work now watching the office,,, it is the best show ever!!!!
    The Office is the best show in the history of the world
    thank you i have read some of the forums and am glad to be a member now
    how do I edit my profile info, says I am male... wanna upload pic and stuff
    Thanks for the welcome. I've enjoyed the sight so far and look forward to becoming more active as I get comfortable with the sight. Not much of a computer guy usually, took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to respond to you. My kids are giving me some pointers though. :)
    how do i start a new thread with a question i want to get advice on?
    Dewight thanks for the welcome i will probably be asking for advice i'm sure
    thanks for the hello, i`ll be fairly active around the forum once i get to know the feel of the site, i`m a vip at another site as well, so i have much experience to throw around,
    Thanks for the welcome, Dwight. Great to meet you!!
    Thank you for the opportunity of becoming a member of an incredible site.Respect.
    Thanks for the welcome sir, looks like a great site.
    For some reason I have tried sending two messages now, and neither showed up in my sent folder... I'm not sure if they were sent or not. Is there anyway I can find out?
    Hey man how do i post a thread i have some q and i havent been here in so long i forgot how to post. please help
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