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  • ScottyDoc
    Damn... You go you big swole SOB! (No Homo) you look great bro, serious improvement since the last picts I saw!!!
    I told SC but thats about it. Thank you bro ive been lost for so long now im home again lol
    Lol well if you didnt ask anyone else then it was definitely me. I sent a mod a PM letting them know. Never got anything back, well other than you lol.
    Your support is appreciated -->
    Meant to say this in the rep.

    Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    Ur inbox is full btw.
    still dc, but change up the intensity principal from time to time. I do mostly rest pause for errrythning but will do a drop set or static contraction set or something else if need be. I dont like the cookie cutter approach some guys take to dc. Dante does it this way so i do to....know what i mean. Im not dante, his way might not work for me. Ive been training long enough to know what to change and what not to change. On the other hand i do like the every other day approach.

    Thanks again for the compliment and rep points, you definitely have some good knowledge of the game, good reply to IsHectic.

    AL (ScottyDoc)
    Nice Tat bro, On for the race to shreddedness!
    So burning too many cals. will result losing muscle also, should I load up on cals. before my total workout and still burn fat?
    thanks and I definately will consult you guys. im in the military and have no shame in asking docs for help being a medic myself. I got checked and there were no red flags on my tests, I still have a few numbers to correct but nothing alarm. And man I got ripped to shreds on this forum, ouch. I honestly just didnt ****ing know. but now i do and its not too late.

    Ignorance is no excuse. Thanks bro.
    Dwight Schrute
    Hello bezoe,

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