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  • my friend want to tell me that I use to take muscle mass since I have 19 year and only weight 106 pounds and want to use something and can not stand the ridicule and not being able to wear the clothes I want to know that I can use my training to get started I hope in the gym to help me I am waiting and I must use
    Hey bro, just wanted to say whats up. I've been inactive on the forum the past 15 months but I'm back and
    wanted to see who is still active on the board
    Clear your pm's... I bought a house in Q.C. but work in Tempe. What about you?
    Just saw your Avatar pic - you certainly look freaking massive on that picture.
    God damn bro, didn't check your profile in a while and it looks like you gained the lean mass equivalent of drinking a bag of f*cking concrete.
    Looking BIG man.. huge difference from the last avatar. You got a log with more pics somewhere?
    Gosh damn buddy could you get any bigger
    CM you're looking ****ing huge man, good job.
    is there anything you can suggest diet/lifting/supplement wise that could help me reach my goal with minimum bf%?
    how old were you when you started that cycle?? im 18 and been researching cycles for about a month now and have somewhat similar goals/stats as you at the beginning of that cycle (wanting to be stronger and gain a solid 10 pounds to reach 190, and keep it). sounds corny but ive been reading that log for a few days now an would like advice for this being my first cycle.
    thanks for the reps man, you made my rep power boost up quite a bit.
    Thank you again for your rep & your comment !
    Clear your inbox bud.
    Btw you gave me a great idea for a new thread lol.
    Thank you for the rep, really appreciate it !
    I saw in a previous message you had a coupon for beastdrol..checking to see if you have anymore?
    sry i copyed and psted i dntno how to set up forms but can you help me ?
    hi im 22 and im thinking of taking a PH supplement i know it sound supid and if any1 wants to say its stupid can do so i might not it just deepends on what you guys think i know alot of you know what you are talking about ok so i was thinking

    M Drol :10mg first week and then 20mg the last 3 weeks

    with cycle assist and fish and for pct ErgoPharm 6-OXO

    note that i will take my cycle assist a week or 2 b4 i go on to my first cycle im not wanting to be huge i just want gains fast and to be strong realy would love the advice please its a real life help

    ohh and iv bin working out for about 5 months now in my bed room
    Sorry about writing on your wall I wont do it anymore
    Hi guess whos back. I will be around these bords next month and a half with new usernames everday if I have to... I love summer break
    u know im just messin with you right?! lol
    i figure if i wanna look like branch warren jay cutler and ronnie coleman i better get on that big mac diet ;)

    superdrol and special sauce FTW
    thanks for the advice. I was just looking to see if this stuff was any good. the PH has d-bol, tren and novedex all in one. they say the nov is for blocking any extra e on cycle! is this stuff junk or what!?
    Dwight Schrute
    Hello chocolatemilk,

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