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  • haha ok then Go ARMY and true that my dad, brother and aunt were all ARMY :) so thank you for all you do!! one of my Grandpa's was NAVY the other was military intelligence in Germany so im a black sheep I should have been in the ARMY but life kinda got in the way :
    Thank you for your hard work over there go NAVY!
    hey hows the probiotic sitting with you? gettin any better?
    catch up to me?! you dont wanna be fat man im on a clean bulk but fat... epic bulk then epic cut. not looking forward to a 24-30 week cut lmao.
    hows the diet been goin you eatin the hell out of some food?
    Hey brother was just wondering how much weight did you gain from megaplex. Thanks

    Dwight Schrute
    Hello Killerkanadia,

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