EvoMuse Testruction™ Writeup

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  1. I'm still 3/3.

    Took a whole bottle but it finally kicked in
    *Psalms 62:1-62:2*
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  2. Do you take an anti estrogen with it

  3. Quote Originally Posted by GreenMachineX View Post
    Quick question regarding the long jack and propanolol interaction; would Longjack also interfere with other beta blockers like bisoprolol or just because they are the same type of drug it doesn't matter?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by hsk View Post
    Not placebo. I have not had a hormone profile done for quite some time, but I had tests done regularly when I was younger from early 20's to mid 30's. I always had low T/free T, high E/SHBG. Never done a cycle, but I've had gyno in the past when I was younger. The most I've tried is clomid, nolva, exemestane, anastrozole and combinations of them. But I still prefer to find and use natural alternatives. I still get gyno symptoms from certain supplements that can raise estrogen or increase aromatization of T to E and symptoms always include sore, itchy, puffy nips, water retention/bloat, estrogen flush etc. I've researched and tried everything possible to manage things long term without going pharmaceutical or at least delaying the pharmaceutical optional as long as I possibly can.
    I *might* have had the same problem. Did not know then, but what I inadvertently did and what happened:

    Went on a health kick circa ~'01-'03- Made a huge batch of the best lentil dish I ever tried (got lucky), extra firm tofu, lentils, tomatoes, garlic, onions, spinach. This dish was so good I could eat the leftovers straight out of the fridge for 3 days and felt healthy but like eating ice cream. Have not been able to duplicate, could not find the exact same tofu after 2 batches.

    Sides: After the 2 batches, my nips got so sensitive (but no gyno) I had to use band-aids over them for 3 weeks to avoid any rubbing on shirts, skin on my face started peeling off/exfoliating in small pieces but not quite like sunburn. I completely lost the desire to and quit smoking for ~3-5 weeks (after smoking for 29 years) with no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. My regular lady barber kept asking me what I did, my skin was so radiant and young looking (after the peeling) lol. Libido was through the roof (at 49).

    Didn't do this at the same time but I bought some cheap soy protein from Fred Meyers, after a week of taking it, band-aids again over the nips but no facial skin peeling or libido increase lol.

    Looking back, a seriously doubt I had high test aromatizing to E, but was probably experiencing sides from phyto-estrogens. Curiously, I don't recall taking high quality Soy Lecithin daily at a later time for the phosphatidylserine/choline affecting me the same way.

    I've realized since that anytime my nips get slightly sensitive (no puffiness or gyno) E was probably high, for whatever reason, and to eliminate something from my diet/supplementation or to supplement with a natty suicidal AI/Serm or when available, Nolva. Pretty sure it was phytoestrogens because I never got those sides running/cycling gear back to back ~'04-08, (alternating/stacking compounds TestP, E, Tren, Mast. Dbol, Win, Var etc). Seemed to keep all my gains too. Been staying with supps since and started a 3 bottle run of testruction + rebirth & letrone + FD2.

    What's estrogen flush? Same as niacin?

  5. I'm on day 13th of PCT with 25mg Clomid, Sparta Nutrition Trojan PCT, Reduce XT 2 caps and Inhibit-P 1 cap at night.
    @dsade I'm thinking to add Testruction, would it be too much LJ though?

    See photo for Trojan PCT ingredients.

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Having testruction withdrawals...

  7. When will this be back?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by GreenMachineX View Post
    When will this be back?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by GreenMachineX View Post
    I got 3 sealed bottles. PM me if you want 1 or 2


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