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    What up Midwest ??? This is the home of the real BEASTS! HAH. Much respect to our bros around the nation but, we definitely deliver some midwestern Freaks! Hope all is well with ya man. GW
    whats up dude ive read a couple of your responses to some questions & it seems like you know what youre talking about. So i was wondering if you can help me decide which is best....I am not new to dbol or primo or anavar but the last time ive touched any of those has been over 2 years and more. I currently weigh 205 but i want to go up to 215 and i want to stay defined...but most importantly i want to take the ones with the least sides & i want to take all the precautions necesary??? thanks dude
    Check the thread "Never listen to Milas about RecoverPro" we talked about it in there.
    I can't source post though...
    Hey, I heard you had a thyroid problem? Wanna joint this forum?
    Jizmo greets the Midwest Beast. Jizmo has no experience with PH as Jizmo has only pinned Test and deca. Jizmo just purchased BOGO Katana. I have Epi and Formestane. Considering these facts how do gains from the Katana compare with Test gains? Fact of the matter is I am about to lose my gear source and am thinking about going OTC. Also I have to watch liver values hence the Katana. I know Epi is hepatoxic but I have the Formestane. Midwest Beast's thoughts?
    Next year the CUBBIES will rain on you
    Everybody SUKT yesterday. But once againTks for the reps
    Tks dude. Tryin to impart 30 years of juicin to the panel. Really can't keep up with all the new stuff
    It's the Fukin CATALINA WINE MIXER!!! See you there :D
    Thank you for your rep - really appreciate it !
    I thought you were already on my friend list :O

    Anyways thanks for the add brotha :D
    Dwight Schrute
    Hello MidwestBeast,

    Welcome to AM!

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