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  • Yea, I have not had a lot of success either. No blood sugar problems and I'm on the big 3 meds BP, Cholesterol, and Plavix.

    I followed you over here from a post at bodybuilding.com about pad. I was wondering how you were doing with it and if you were making improvements in the time before pain and what helped make improvements.

    I got 6 stints in '07 in my aorta and iliacs and another this year in my right iliac. There's not a lot on the internet for someone trying to go beyond just walking. I'm currently trying to train for a 5k and can't get much more than a mile before the pain gets so bad I have to stop. I've been trying since 12/10 I ended up with 2 compression fractures and a diagnosis of severe osteoporosis.

    I'm pretty much your opposite I guess 50 5'5" 125, 5 I gained in the last year from a heavier workouts. I quite smoking 3/11. I've been working out since 07 moderate weights and cardio. Tried bike riding but run into problems there as well with sprints and hills.

    Just wondering can it get better or do I have to be content with the way it is now.

    Thanks Mike...
    what was your response to my question about hgh powerpatch? the thread got deleted. thanks
    Hey, how's it going? I just wanted to ask you a few things regarding the Nitric Oxide and HGH patches. It will be my first order with ageforce, as I have been working hard with AndroHARD/Mass, and am coming to an end of my first cycle. Would these patches be able to be stacked with any of the AndroSeries products, and also with a PCT cycle? Thanks for any advice or insight you can assist me with, as I am still in NooB territory.
    Thanks Taman that means a lot. All I try to do is to make it fun. And help motivate and push others. Because I need it as well.
    Let me just say I am extremely proud of what you have done to date and am honored to be running a log with you. Keep up the hard work as it will pay off sooner than you think.
    Bravo on the progress..... "Never give up, never surrender"
    adding you as a friend... LOVE your avatar! O-H-I-O
    Dwight Schrute
    Hello taman6886,

    Welcome to AM!

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