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  • Can you tell me where to purchase deprenyl? Is it better than l dopa? I hated l dopa.
    I am also interested in pre-orders for AA+
    Sent you a PM a few days ago, would appreciate a reply. Thanks.
    Interested in the Renegade Balm, remember your from old avant labs forums, I was Gunslinger on there, where can I find it? Really miss the old transdermals at avant and PA and Caleb and Dante the Verbose lol it was a brain trust over there. Take Care
    Hey Brudda....you still splurging on the UP 2.0.
    RmLooking forward to trying smolder and glad to see your back in the game with Genomyx.
    Looking forward to trying smolder and glad to see your back in the game with Genomyx.
    Awesome dsade. I knew you had the answer, you are a testament your company. Thanks for the help!
    dsade, you are the ulimate "gentic freak" with freak guns.
    I had a question for ya.

    I used clenviscerate last year on a full blown cut with keto. Im not looking to lose as much as I did then, but still wanna mini cut.

    I CHO cycle and have 4 weekly hypo caloric days, would clenviscerate help burn additional fat on those lower days if I still had an excess on 3 higher days?

    Im new to this forum and im wondering where can i find that java flawless lather and cream at? I really wanna purchase it but every where i go its out of stock.
    Hiya. I'm looking for some advice on a first-time H-drol cycle concerning PCT, liver cleansing, HCG, Blue Up, Inhibit E.... I'm not into body building; I'm trying to do an HPTA restart because I used Finasteride/Propecia for two months in 08-09. I've posted in the anabolic section under "PCT" .cheers.
    rampage jackson
    You're my boy Blue! Glad to see you FINALLY got around to doing the gums. I've been on your ass (off and on) since before DCP came out about it.

    Hope all is well bro!
    Hey can you PM me. Apparently I have to have 3 posts before I can PM someone. I have a question about some eviscerate I just bought. Thanks

    I own a tanning salon and I am wondering if you were the person to talk to about dealing it out, I have seen you post about this product on multiple forums and would love to start stocking it.

    You can send an email/pm and I'll get back to you ASAP
    Let me know
    Nick G.

    I've heard rumors that you have stopped making Havoc, is that true?

    Best Regards

    I once believed exactly as you about the existence of God so I understand where you’re coming from. But after nearly 40 years of Biblical study and research I no longer think that God exists, I know that he exists. Try reading the entire book of Romans with an open mind and see if anything in this book speaks to your heart.
    Have you ever Taken Incarnate?
    If yes can you please answer my questions.

    Is it supposed to smell weird and are there visible brown things inside the capsule.
    I tried to PM you but didnt work so anyways,

    I've always been interested in RPN products, and now looking to finally buy some, and am wondering does RPN have anything similar to SlimExtreme? Like a fatburner/appetite suppression/stimulant?

    Thanks ahead time for the help! If you could email me that would be awesome, thanks(njolakoski @ y a hoo .com)
    Any luck on your aspire replacement? Please let me know. Life has not been the same since it got pulled :(
    Outside Backer
    Im here for the ecstacy shots!
    sorry if is sound retarted but i was wondering. what is dcp and where do you get. or what about the ec like where do you get ephedra.
    Hey, this will be my second overall cycle. My first was H-Drol with Cycle Support, Post Cycle Support, and Reversitol. I want to do a second cycle soon and was leaning hard towards Havoc. Im 23, 6"1 and round 195lbs. with around 11-13% body fat. How would you dose Havoc? And will Cycle Support, Post Cycle Support, and Reversitol be good to take with it? If you could write me back on here, or send me an email at [email protected] Thanks Alot,
    Hey dasae, sorry to bother you again, just wanted to verify if this is the right product
    Cozmar Eviscerate 8oz.
    you're one of very few with a little sense here
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