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    USPlabs is looking for a few good men & women! (NEW Product Reps)

    Congratulations. Haven't been around much, but good to see USP doing well... as well as having good people representing. Snuggle Club in the hizzy!
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    Cycling DCP?

    I've ran a few bottles back to back, a few years ago. It seemed just as effective when I did. Of course this was during a period in which I was making supplement companies rich. My personal experience, it was just as effective through the second bottle.
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    Kabuki's "VIDEO" Log - a little crazy fun for everyone

    What's up Buki. I'm doing my biannual visit to AM to check in on the old homies. Get back to being fat like old times. :) Hope you're well.
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    Enough Is Enough

    No worries, I'm not close to the same vengeful forum member I once was. :) I used that as a blanket statement. I knew I'd hear something from someone about that. I was just using it as a loose example about people parroting certain templates to follow. I am in no way condemning...
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    Enough Is Enough

    I'm a big proponent of cycling carbs. You can't just take a template and apply it to yourself though. Everyone reacts differently to different tweaks in their diet. Some people fare really well on the usual food pyramid "standards" that people like to parrot around, and other people need to...
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    Kabuki's "VIDEO" Log - a little crazy fun for everyone

    Warrior diet eh? My hybrid version involves only eating what I can kill with my jaws. So far I've made it up to mid-sized dogs. The periods of fasting kind of work their way in naturally. Snuggle Club in the Hizzy!
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    Kabuki's "VIDEO" Log - a little crazy fun for everyone

    ^^^ perfect example of the "texting while doing something" epidemic with these damn wonderful dangerous iphones we love. You caught yourself on...errr camera. *headbutts a dog*
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    Jmh80's Progression From 2001 to Now

    What's up Jimmy Ho? Checking in on my subscribed threads. Next time put baby oil on, and wear a wicker hat for god's sake. Hope you're well dude.
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    My take on IGF-1

    It's been a long time since I visited this thread, or even looked at a bottle of Lr3. It's nice to see people are still talking about stuff touched on previously in page 3. :D
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    Question regarding Pink Magic

    Well it does give me the impression of the subtlest air of refinement in your already effeminate ways my friend. I've been pretty much MIA from forums for the past year and a half or so. My training took a nose dive when I hurt my back training for the mundials last year, and it affected...
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    Question regarding Pink Magic

    Snuggle Club in the hizzy. What's up Jacob? Still rolling?
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    diet coke/ aspartame

    I like what Alex said. I've opened my mind up to the alkaline/acidic food subject and it's pretty interesting... to me at least. Mullet, look at you all grown up! I'm very proud of you. It's been quite a while since I visited for reasons other than looking at Buki's log. Mullet, dear...
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    Stomach Fat

    The fat you are referring to as "behind the abs" is visceral fat. Organ fat. It's harder to get rid of in the sense that you will primarily lose subcutaneous fat first. It's been said that stress and in turn cortisol lead to more storage of visceral fat.. (VAT). In reality they are the...
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    work nights sleep days

    adaptogenic herbs can surely help. Cordyceps, Rhodiola Rosea to name a few, which also happen to be included in a few BB supps. I've used both during chaotic work schedules and I did notice a difference. Limit the use of things that will burn your CNS, (stimulants), even though you are...
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    Kabuki's "VIDEO" Log - a little crazy fun for everyone

    What's Pink Magic? I'm out of the god damned loop more than I thought I was, aren't I. Thanks for telling SB to email me Buki. :)