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  • I think I'm going to post your Vegas photo shoot on here hahaha
    Keep up with the PT man. Dont want to make this a chronic issue. Ya this would be a great time to plan for the future.
    can i ask you to join me?
    What's shakin' down in Socal my friend.
    Well u r pretty damn funny. So do u have Squanto's number or what? lol
    U sure do have a lot of friends lol
    Apparently on your new and improved avatar someone took a sharpie and blacked out your head....oh wait that's your helmet !!! how you doing bro.
    I feel the need to say this...lets get nasty!!!! hey *** wait for me to workout tomorrow!!!
    why me, may I ask? Just for my amazing taste in automobiles? :)
    tool indeed haha mods are good at getting them atleast.
    And he got banned quickly after that...LOL !!!

    What a freaking tool.
    or kids dad, still not too sure haha
    hahahha ya that kid was pretty queer
    Haha ya i think the dad liked my man meat.
    Deeerdre reply : Ugly?? "thats my girl homie! now whose playing jerry springer u tool."

    Pissed of Dad asking if it's okay for his kid to take testopro : "looking at your profile you look to be muscular and have a nice ass i think you could do better"

    LOL !!!!
    nice bike!i got an r6 that im about to hit the streets with,finally a nice day here in maine!!thamks for the request..
    I have no idea if or when it will be on sale again, Alot of that is up to Crowler and Nutra.
    Is that your bike?
    I might same my School Fin Aid and go get one :)
    I should be getting the pinks later this week and log goes up Monday
    Wasn't me, I was at my meeting in Oceanside
    Love the products, I want to get their Animal Omega and the Animal Pump when I get more money. :)
    Dwight Schrute
    Hello Deeerdre,

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