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  • DAdams91982
    It's how I roll! I know you aren't JUST figuring that out! :D
    hey still workin on everything just been down cuz i hurt my quad but its all still rollin bro.. btw check out page 42 of my log. AM's most epic libido check lol
    YouTube - Linkin Park - New Divide Official Video [HD]

    You want to work for the fastest growing team in the industry. With a leader that takes care of his own. THen look me up bro. NTBM,RLS,Muscular world Media would be happy to have you on team KTS bro!!!!
    sorry i have been out of town since friday...started it monday i will throw it up tom. sorry about that
    I guess technically it's now Athletic Inovations Sports Nutrition. I just call everything AI Sports XYZ though, IE, AI Sports Motivate or AI Sports Glycobol.
    It's just a more encompassing/welcoming name. Some people are hesitant to have something in their stash that has the word ANABOLIC in the name, especially in lieu of all the recent events over the past year or two. I think it's a good move on our part and will only lead to further success!!!
    There's a name change in the works.
    Hey bud I invite you to join me on my log :)
    Weird. Maybe the limit has changed...???
    i gotcha. Just been busy for the holidays. I'll hit ya up man ;)
    yo manggg I emailed you are u getting them?
    Too new to PM.
    My info is:
    Michael Doty
    4318 Jasmine Way
    Greenwood, IN 46142
    When can I take a day off though, I HATE CAFFEINE with passion, dont get me wrong AS is badass but I just dont like caffeine.
    What is best fuggen way to boost testosterone with AS?
    If I wanted the test boosting effect, could I take it for days straight and then take it every other day or do I need to take it daily for 2 weeks?
    Awesome :) I know a few suppliers already though ;)
    With a hi hi ho and a hi hi hey
    We’re hoisting the flag to be free
    We will steal the show, Jolly Rogers go
    We are wolves of the sea
    Army Guy
    Bahahahahahaha that was freaking awesome!!!!! I'll bring the chips, dip, and jumper cables!!! lol
    You told me to link our products in my sig ;)
    Hey, what's up bud? I just read that Rep Msg you left me mid month. I actually tried doing that, but it wouldn't let me use that much code in my sig!
    Army Guy
    I haven't got it yet... hmmmmmm. I also compared you and IC to PB&J on one of these LG threads.... good times LOL
    Army Guy
    yeah he is actually in school during the day. He starts early, has a long lunch, and gets out early in the afternoon. He should be back anytime now. Did you see my email??
    Well at least it is settled and we can get back to the finer things of life:
    I know bro...might make a trip up there...;)
    Army Guy
    how did you pull that off??? Would love to get a hook up like that!!!
    Just moved into the new house and have 8 bazillion boxes everywhere with 7 kids pretending they are jungle gyms...
    I noticed a signature change... what's up??? Also, your pms are full :)
    Nothing much, rehabbing got back into school. I have no motivation right now to do my work.
    y0 y0 y0 metro. .. hahah check out the new log 7lbs for 1 clown!!!
    There will be most definitely more times I hope! I will be trying hypertest for sure though. really it has everything! bet its an awesome product!!!
    hahah i can't wait to cut though. . . just think of the present thats waiting for you at the end of the cycle hahah MUSCLE BABY!!! But i won't rub it in any but I LOVE FOOD hahah
    I hear ya there, been there myself :(

    Gotta stay focused however my friend. Keep the big picture in mind! Best of luck!!!
    First week or two is tough, really tough. After that its a breeze, new veins popping out everywhere. Compliments / mirrior is def way to know progress is being made tho :)
    Haha! Alright, just making sure.
    Bro, keep doing your thing man, everything is looking great!
    Chilling man, was checking in on you...I go to work, come home theres 3-4 new pages in your log! you have the most in all of AM i swear..awesome man..
    ok - you had said that you got a chub from looking at lg's #s and i said that testpro is still in your system - i know it was dumb lol
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