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Well apparently my app on my phone stopped working and it’s no later never in the App Store. So I’m using Tapatalk now. Haha

Congrats on the transformation Kat! Glad to see you back in here and posting every once and awhile
Thank you so much!

I'd be curious to hear of any particular hormone/health challenges you overcame. My wife is starting to see some progress finally after bouncing off the same weight for a couple years now and constantly beating her head against the wall.
Hey! Like Chris said my thyroid levels were a big issue. It was like 8 years untreated and finally found a nurse practitioner that cared enough to get things right. Along with that I had to have a hysterectomy and started HRT…as well as had some crazy adrenal issues to work through and make several adjustments to help get things back in line. Chris and Chef Bob were both a big help along the process as well!

As for your wife, that’s exciting!! Most of the time it just takes most of us women longer to see results but it never hurts to get her hormone levels checked if she continues to have issues down the road. Mine were all a big mess even before my hysterectomy.

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