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Debating on starting trt on my own or not at all, or waiting even longer to find a better doc more suited. I’ve done 3 blood tests for my PC doctor, and all have come back in the upper 300s. He has been procrastinating it since last fall when I originally asked him to test due to symptoms. Now he wants me to do a 4th blood test to see “where it’s at” and “go from there.” Which Knowing my serum levels are not Guna change much, I’m thinking he just doesn’t want to go about it. And even if i do convince him to give it a try, that it’s going to be a half-assed protocol anyway.

So I went and got my own blood done, not just total test like he only was concerned with, but a panel with some of the basics..

Test- 13.9 nmol/L
SHBG- 34 nmol/L
Prolactin- 190miu/L
Estradiol- 95 pmol/L
FAI- 40.9
Age- 30

Just looking for some good honest feedback. I would rather be on with a doctor, but I feel like **** day in and day out, im a drywaller/framer/etc by trade so job requires physical labor and iv been dealing with this over the course of almost a year. Now my question is if I were to start on my own and in the meantime still look for a better doc and explain situation to start/ continue try, or would me doing it on my own beforehand jeopardize that. Or based on my bloods would you consider none at all. Thanks for any info.


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Buy some Sarms, dose moderately for 2 mo. Schedule your blood test at the end of the cycle. If you know you are too low but he's waiting for a lower number, then give him a lower number. Sarms are suppressive, just make sure you get a reputable brand.
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I went on TRT about 30 yrs old but my levels were much lower. I decided to go on and haven't looked back. You might look at lifestyle factors to verify it's not the cause of HPTA impairment.


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Try some Clomid for a few months, it should boost your test levels and make you feel better, that way you don’t have to make the commitment to test for life yet.

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