Please Critique This Program I'm Debating Starting



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Hi everyone!

I've spent a lot of time making training programs for myself and friends based on what they like to do and how much volume they are used to handling with their workouts. I spent a lot of time coming up with a 6 week program for myself. It is a slight spin on the "Shortcut to Shred" program, but I modified it in an effort to adapt it for mass because the shred has always done very well for me on a cut, and I feel like the training split is something my body works very well with. I am debating starting this program on Monday, so I would like some experts to tear it apart for me to get an idea of what I should maybe change. I understand that training is very individual, but what I am mostly looking for is if I am neglecting anything super important. Also if I should change the core exercises because I'm trying to force myself to train core and I don't know a ton about the variations in core exercises as I used to be of the camp that "compound movements hit all the core you need". I will only be doing this for 6 weeks anyway, so it wont be a super long period of time. If it works well, I will continue through it for 1-2 more cycles. Please let me know what you think!

Week 1 Workouts 1-3 8-12
Week 1 Workouts 4-6 12-15
Week 2 Workouts 1-3 5-8
Week 2 Workouts 4-6 16-20
Week 3 Workouts 1-3 2-5
Week 3 Workouts 4-6 21-25
Week 4 Workouts 1-3 8-12
Week 4 Workouts 4-6 12-15
Week 5 Workouts 1-3 5-8
Week 5 Workouts 4-6 16-20
Week 6 Workouts 1-3 2-5
Week 6 Workouts 4-6 21-25

Bench Press 4 sets
Incline DB Press 3 sets
Chest Press Machine 3 sets
Close Grip Bench 4 sets
Skullcrusher 4 sets
Weighted Crunches 3 sets
Hip Thruster 3 sets

Bent Over Row 4 sets
One Arm DB Row 3 sets
Seated Cable Row 3 sets
Standing Pulldown 3 sets
Barbell Curl 4 sets
Hammer Curl 4 sets
Calf Presses 4 sets

Squat 4 sets
Front Squat 3 sets
RDL 3 sets
Military Press 4 sets
Side Raise 4 sets
Reverse Fly 4 sets

DB Fly 3 sets
Incline Fly 3 sets
Cable Cross 3 sets
Rope Pushdown 4 sets
Overhead DB Extension 4 sets
Russian Twist 3 sets
Reverse Crunch 3 sets

Lat Pulldown 3 sets
Reverse Pulldown 3 sets
Straight Arm Pushdown 3 sets
Zeus Pulldown 3 sets
Cable Curl 3 sets
Rope Hammer 4 sets
Seated Calf Raise 4 sets

Hipsled 4 sets
<Leg Extension 3 sets
<Ham Curl 3 sets
Goblet Squat 3 sets
Front Raise 4 sets
Seated Side Raise 4 sets
Cable Rear Fly 4 sets
Facepull 4 sets

Sunday-OFF/30 Minutes HIIT

Im not sure if zeus pulldowns are a real thing, but at my gym a lot of us do them for upper back work. Basically you get on your knees in a cable crossover with the pullies at their top position. You take one in each hand a do a pulldown into your side.

My body responds VERY well to high volume training. Diet will be starting at 3600 calories and tapering up by 100 every week until I reach 4000 and it will stay there until I plateau. I'm not overly worried about fat gain, but would like to keep it to a minimum. I am 19, 6 foot 2, 225, training since I was 13 and training seriously since 15. I know that sounds crazy but even my freshman year I was the guy people would go to looking for training advice. I've been told I am a 25 year old on the inside. lol.

I know this was a ton to read (it took awhile to type too!) but I would REALLY appreciate some help with this one. I am stoked to get my bulk rolling, and I really feel that this program could be something great, but may need a few modifications based on what my brothers on here think.

Thank you all in advance!


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Anyone? I'm getting ready to start this Monday. Any modifications?


I would just give it a go as it is. If you know what you respond to, run with it and make adjustments as you progress. For me, the volume is too abusive. For mass gains, I would opt for more rest days and less isolation movements. Good luck.


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As he said above, if you know it works for you, then try it out as is. You can always tweak as necessary. It sounds almost like a PPL split. I would almost do 3 on 1 off so your delts will be a little fresher for chest training. Your schedule would be different every week, but I think you would get more out of it this way


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I didn't even think about how much the delts will effect my chest training.. hmm. I'll give it a go for the week and see. This is the split I'm currently using but I've been following jim Stoppanis shortcut to shred which is a little bit lower volume. We'll see if I need that extra rest day in there, I wouldn't be surprised if I do. I'll feel it out until Thursday and see if I need the day off. Thanks for pointing that out!


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Week 1 is down with minimal needed changes. The volume on each was perfect, apart from legs. Today I dropped the leg press and goblet squats and just added an extra set for both leg extensions and hamstring curls. The first leg day REALLY killed my legs, but I also had a very intense day that day (working out between classes definitely helps you up intensity). All in all, I think I will just drop the two leg exercises and add extra sets of leg extensions and ham curls, and maybe add a bit more shoulder work (my shoulders never seem to get sore or fatigue for some reason).

Overall, really liking this!

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