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    Simple cycle

    I’d go with deca. What dose of test is your trt dose?
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    Best Nootropic For Mood And Happiness

    I’ve tried pregnenolone on multiple occasions and never noticed a thing from it. But could be due to still being in my 20s?
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    Usually if I need something I start with letro. The stuff you read about letro killing e2 is false in males. The 98% reduction in e2 is in postmenopausal women. In men 2.5 daily decrease e2 by about 60%. So I use 2.5 daily if I need anything and if that isn’t enough I’ll add 30 of torem daily. I...
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    Arimistane plus Arimedex for cycle?

    In your case the arimistane is in the product incidentally. Was just a heads up to people running two AIs in general. Obv that isn’t what you are doing
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    Arimistane plus Arimedex for cycle?

    In general when you run two AIs one will always bind more strongly to aromatase and essentially “win” vs the other. So the second weaker AI doesn’t reduce estrogen any more and you just end up wasting your money running both
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    Don’t use it unless you have to. I run Deca with tren and have no prolactin sides. I’ve used caber in the past though but it comes with a host of side effects that can sometimes be worse than using nothing so just a heads up
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    Mirtazapine - Anabolic/Androgenic?

    Typically agitation from ssris goes away after a month or two. Which ones have you tried? There are newer antidepressants out there like viibryd and trintellix you could try
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    Mirtazapine - Anabolic/Androgenic?

    Been on 45 mirtazapine for years never had any issue with hair loss personally. And this is an issue I am susceptible to so I would deff notice it. Be careful not to blame all issues on one cause. How old are you? That is likely the driving factor to your hair loss, though of course almost all...
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    Which sups may cause yellow nails? HELP!!!!

    You prob just have nail fungus. Unrelated to the supplements...see a dermatologist or get otc antifungal. Can take weeks to months to go away though
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    FDA begins targeting Arimistane

    Reversed a gyno flare for me as well. Was using 150 mg for a few days then down to 100 when I had success in this area.
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    DMZ vs Epistane

    I loved epistane. Favorite compound by far personally. It comes down to dose really. I’ve used as low as 20 as high as 80 per day. 30-40 was prob the sweet spot. Dry easy to maintain gains
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    I’ve been saying this for years but it usually falls on deaf ears unfortunately.
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    Has anyone ever reduced puffy nipples strictly from puberty without surgery?

    You’re best bet is a serm for 6-8 months. Serms essentially kill the breast tissue cells when taken for long periods of time. AIs reduce estrogen, sure, but they don’t specifically target breast tissue like serms do and aren’t as effective for reducing gyno even while taking them. I’ve never had...
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    Has anyone ever reduced puffy nipples strictly from puberty without surgery?

    In my experience it comes back but doesn’t get any worse than it was prior
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    Thinking of my next cycle

    Maybe aromatize is a bad choice of words. “Converts” would be better. Here is an excerpt from the text Anabolics.