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Ive noticed that many people who do not workout and have no interest in the gym find that when a person posts a progress pic on social media, its as if they get offended by it. These people are usually out of shape individuals. Post a progress pic up on social media and if you get positive feedback its more than likely going to come from a fellow lifter/bodybuilder/gym rat etc. Does this basically explain that the reason for this is because non workout people feel that gym guys and girls are judgemental and seeing pics posted by them is like them rubbing it in that the non workout people are fat ****ers?

You have to be a little bit egotistical to take weightlifting seriously, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. If someone has negative comments about another person making progress at the gym, it's because they aren't happy with the way they look. The nicest people in the gym are usually the guys that have been lifting for years.