SHBG spike.

  1. SHBG spike.


    I was put on Clomid for HRT about 8 months ago. I was adamantly against it but it was all that the DR would prescribe. Also by that time, I was close to a grand into paying the crook. So I went a head and tried it.

    Anyway, I ran a four month course of his protocol, supplementing 3g of krill oil ED to combat shbg sides. I felt better about 3 weeks in but that went south about a week later.

    Libido crashed, my right eye felt like it had a fork in it when I woke up in the AM and I felt worse overall than when I started.

    By the time it was all said and done, I was pretty unhappy. I switched Drs and had blood work done a few months after I was off Clomid. I should have been more than cleaned out by then.

    My SHBG climbed to 37 , it was at 18 before I started clomid.

    I had some other regression in the panel but the SHBG is what is worrisome.

    My question, will this SHBG creep back down to where it originally was or did the clomid do permanent damage?

    I am on TRT now and I still take 3g daily of krill oil to combat the SHBG.


  2. SHBG spike.

    Now that you are on injectable testosterone then as your testosterone level increases the SHBG level should drop. The only known things that lower SHBG is higher T doses and using anabolic steroids or mild androgens like Danazol. Itís a balancing game as higher T causes decrease in HDL.
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  3. If you want to investigate using a better doctor, then check out Entourage Medical. Here is a link to my log as a patient:
    First AM Patient
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  4. If your Test levels rose on Clomid the rise in SHBG is normal. If your SHBG doesn't rise with Test then you will clear it too fast since too much is free. This will lead to low-T symptoms and they are finding SHBG receptors on cells now. It's there for a reason and more than a carrier hormone but SHBG that is too low/high is undesirable. I have naturally low SHBG and TRT is a PITA to monitor since I literally piss it out.
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  5. Test went down after Clomid.

    SHBG doubled.

  6. There is a gene called shbg that gets turned on when thyroid, or estrogen related drugs may be introduced. It also depends on where your e2 went in regards to clomid therapy. Years ago it would have came down but now I am seeing it get stuck not coming down. I probably have studied shbg more indepth and intensively for past decade then most these are the findings I am seeing clinical and studies are supporting. Danazol will not work unless TRT or another mechanism of increasing testosterone is applied. Taking danazol will lower shbg but testosterone will follow in lock step with it. Seen this happen on a number of occasions in different attempts
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.


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