DMZ/ Hexadrone dosing and half life


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now I have studied these before purchasing, but wanted to get first hand users advice as well. I have a bottle of DMZ 20mgs with 60 capsules and a bottle of hexadrone 50mgs with 60 caps as well. i have seen mixed answers regarding dosing. I've heard to run the dmz at 40mgs a day for 4 weeks, but have also seen people say 20mgs a day. if I stacked with a warm, think I could get away with 20, or just run the complete 40? also, is half life an issue if I took 20 since the capsules are 20mgs? would I have to split the capsule up and take 10mgs in the am and 10mgs in PM, or would once a day be fine? and for the hexa, would a 4 week 100mg a day be best or could I get away with less is stacked? also on trt and have liver support for the dmz. just curious on opinions. thanks!


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Hexadrone is not toxic I imagine-don’t know much about it.
So the Dmz, you could run 2 a day since toxicity is not a concern with stacking the two. One in the AM, one in afternoon. Don’t overthink it too much. You’ll be splitting capsules and measuring on a gram scale and stressing out. I personally don’t like orals at night. AM, and preworkout gives me what I need since I train after work.

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