Androgel, DMZ Hexadrone combo, & DBOL


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I am currently running a Dbol cycle with androgel as test base 50MG, for the main reason of me using the gel is because I can’t access to any other versions of testosterone. Just as a disclosure to all on this forum, I am obtaining all of these pharmaceuticals from legit pharmacies in Dominican Republic where I live from time to time, so I’m not doing nothing illegal. Now that we got that out of the way. I am currently taking 50MG of androgel a day, DBOL Low dose of 12-15MG a day Dominican DBOL only comes in 3MG tabs and all above pharmaceuticals are Grade A nothing from China. The reason for Low dose of DBOL is because I will be running it 16 weeks, I don’t want to hear about people’s concerns about how dangerous it can be. I’m no spring chicken. With that being said I’m pretty old school and am new to these new steroids out such as DMZ and Hexadrone. In my opinion from doing research on both drugs being DHT derivatives and Dbol being pretty much hardcore testosterone. So my question to all is that Will the DMZ and Hexadrone give me a nice synergistic effect with the androgel and DBOL stacked? I do like my wet gains and I have always been a fan of wet gains, to me being wet helps me lift more with less pain in joints etc. Will the DMZ and Hexadrone completely dry me out if I decide to add them in to my stack?

Friends are telling me that they get similar results from DMZ as if the will with DBOL but I find that hard to believe, so I would like everyone opinion on DMZ & Hexadrone because I can only find them being sold together not separate and I would like everyone’s opinion on adding the 2 compounds in to my stack.

Current stats,
5ft 10
195-200 goes up and down between the 2 numbers

Age 28

Caloric intake- 3500-4000 daily

Bench press- 315 I’m stuck

Lat pulldowns- not 100% sure I’m racking the whole thing at my gym and feel I can go more. So the full rack is 320

Shoulder press- 310

Squat- don’t do much of but I like to stay at 225

Deadlifts- same as squats. Don’t do much

My goals are to increase my weight, I would like to be at 250 by next year, with the proper training, possibly more supplements to help me surpass my current caloric intake, more carbs and more juice. I usually cruise year round with test cyp, primo or androgel. It’s tough for me to find any other form of test at pharmacies as to it always being sold out, and I won’t buy from China.

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