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So I started taking Clen yesterday and since I've been lurking for a bit, I thought it would be best to chronicle my ~journey. Its mostly accountability stuff, but I like the idea of having a log to look back on.

Right off the bat: yes, I know there might be something better out there to shred, and yes, I know Clen has its issues, but I just got some and I'm gonna do it anyway.

Wow, this is already really long so let's get into it!

About me: 33 y/o male, 202lbs, 5'11, about ~17-18% bf (I forgot how to calculate this but that's the number I'm going with? - correct me since my pics are below?), been working out on and off for 3 years with 2019 being the only consistent one.

My plan:
I'm already kind of in a cut and have been leaning out over the past few weeks, so I thought it was finally time to just go for it and see what the fuss is all about.

I'm mostly doing IF/OMAD (not exactly the cleanest meals and macros but w/e - I keep my calories lower than maintenance), and workout in a fasted state before work in the mornings. My go to routine is 6 days a week, where I cycle Heavy Pull, Light Push, Light Pull, Heavy Push, and then conditioning/abs/hiit and then back again. Its not an exact science but whatever. I also walk everywhere so I hit like 12k steps a day easy.

As for taking Clen, I got the 50mcg tabs yesterday, and I started by cutting one in half and downing it with water in the morning. This morning I took the full tab (but more on that in Day 2 log). My plan is to go 25, 50, 50, 75, 75, 100, 100, 100, 125, 125, 125, 100, 75, 50...maybe (depends on how I ~feel).

There's a lot more but I've already typed out the next Great Canadian Novel™ so I'll just end this here with pictures.

Yes I'm flexing a little but aside from that no filters or edits.

This was my Thursday Night - two days before I started. So there's some definition here are there and I'm proud of what I've accomplished since being a fat kid circa 2017, but the plan is to get leaner and ripper-er.


Later tonight I'll be back to post my Day 1 impressions.

If you read all that, then thank you! I'm excited about this!


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Day 1 - Watching My Hands

- Took a half a 50mcg Clen pill in the morning and drank a metric-ton of water
- The effect was pretty much immediate (I'd say 10ish minutes). Felt warmer for sure - especially around my ears, and my heartbeat was definitely faster and more noticeable.
- It wasn't bad. Kind of like when you watch a scary movie and the tension builds? Yeah, like that. Super mild.
- My hands were definitely shaking. Again, it wasn't noticable until I tried to hold them very still. It was 100% noticable when I tried playing a bubble pop game on my phone.

- I'm going to give this a whole section because it's important.
- first things first, I don't sweat a lot. A little here and there but nothing wild.
- with clen, I wasn't sweating like crazy but for sure was sweating more than normal.
- the pump was great and I felt like I had enough energy and motivation to stay in the gym forever.
- I took half of what I normally take for pre-workout and didn't feel like I was going to die. Actually it felt normal(?).

- Sleep was an Issue™. It wasn't restlessness or tossing and turning or anything; just that I didn't feel like sleeping, which is weird because I love to sleep and am pretty good at it.
- I had a mild headache but it went away right after I hit the gym and didn't come back.
- I honestly wasn't hungry throughout the day or night. Like I knew I could eat and should, but a part of me was like, 'whats the point even?'
- this is important because I usually like to snack late night but I didn't even really want to (except that I did microwave a single hotdog and ate it with sriracha).
- I didn't weigh myself (booo - what kind of log is this anyway?) But this isn't a big numbers game for me, but a visual (?) one.


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Day 2 - Is this thing even on?

Weight: 202

- woke up and took the full 50mcg tab.
- didn't feel it as hard as the first day but the same things were noticable: some shakiness, the heart rate thing.
- Didn't feel as warm tho.
- Headache was pretty consistent all throughout the day (until I hit the gym).

- Light Pull Day + Some Kettlebell Leg Work
- Felt a little shaky with the kettlebells - but I love doing sumo deadlift with them, and pounded out like 7 sets of 10.
- Definitely could do more pull-ups. One or two more per set, and just more sets in general.
- Did not sweat buckets, and honestly I am kind of sad about that because that was one of the things I was looking forward to with Clen. Did notice I was sweating in places I don't normally sweat (like my armpits).
- Took the same amount of pre-workout as yesterday (one scoop of Red-X labs Juiced).
- Decided to try the sauna and usually it takes a while for me to start sweating there, but this time I was pouring. Didn't stay too long because that could be a bad mix.

- Was a little hungrier after the gym but even when I went home to eat I didn't gorge myself like I usually do. 100% I'm secretly starting to think that this vs anything else is the real benefit of Clen.
- Slept pretty late again but it was uninterrupted and nice. Woke up feeling like I'd gotten a solid 8 hours when I slept something like 6 hours.
- One weird benefit has been my breathing. I had bronchitis as a kid and a bout of pneumonia in University so I always struggle in winter with coughing, sore throat, dry phlegm, chest congestion etc, but these past two days I've felt everything clear up and my nose is doing so much breathing. Nice.
- Tomorrow is back to work and I have a desk job so let's see how that goes. I've decided not to take another 50mcg and shoot straight for 75.


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Day 3?!!?

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