1st SARMS run : Cardarine (GW-501516) + Testolone (RAD-140)


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Hey guys,
Doing my first run ever and will be posting the logs here. (Never ran anything else before)
My stats :
27 years old
15% bf
2 years at gym
Goal :
Losing fat and maintaining muscle (want to get down to 10% bf)

Cycle :
8 weeks cycle (yeah should be 12 but I'll go with 12 first)
1-8 : RAD-140 20mg/ml (week 1 : 10 mg/ml)
1-8 : GW-501516 20mg/ml
9-12 : Clomid 50/25/25/25
Might add something on week 5-8 if I feel any suppression

Clean diet : basically chicken, tuna, whole wheat bread, rice, vegetables, rice & rice noodle, red meat, nuts, seeds, bit of whey if lacking protein.
~2500 calories per day
Training 5-6 days per week

Today was day 1 : took both in the morning (taste is bad but nothing surprising)
Felt a bit headache an hour later but very minor and it's gone
Hit the gym, today doing cardio
20min running
20min HIIT sprint 1:3 ratio
20min running

Didn't notice any boost yet, all still the same.
Will post starting pics later.


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Im in. I loved rad 140. Personally never noticed anything with gw but thats just me. I know plenty of people that like it

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