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    Trying Clenbuterol

    True,I use Salbutamol instead, that is way underrated, just as effective as clen without massive sides
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    Cheat meals when going out to eat?

    I do CKD, and on weekends I go out at night with my gf. On these days I use metformin as gda
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    Rapid Fatloss Diet thoughts?

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    Anything similar to kings guard by Olympus labs ?

    Diet,IM Gluthatione,more potassium and magnesium.Pharma AI.
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    Stacking ephedrine with synephrine

    Nicotine gums work better stacked with caffeine mate. As far as energy, ephedrine wins but overall I do like nicorette way more
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    What's Your Toughts On Kratom?

    Your experience, benefits and sides. Online is a bit confusing on that particular plant, I would really like to take it not ed,maybe just twice ew pre workout.
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    Segansational's Motivation Log

    ahahah He Lifts too
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    Segansational's Motivation Log

    Yeah good times bro :)
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    Andro ban?

    Most likely
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    Xanny just as needed.
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    Supplements that have the best feel good?

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    Cryotherapy feedback...

    In for feedbacks
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    How long to cycle 80mg dbol daily

    80mg....bro are you sure thats legit?
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    Cardarine /GW 501516

    Cardarine did absolutely nothing for me. I took it from 2 different brands while on diet and it didnt work at all. Its a complete waste of money. Stick with albuterol and eca with ketotifen
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    nolvadex or/vs clomid preference?

    IME clomid works better but nolva mg vs mg is more powerful. On pct i still use both at half dose each 10mg and 25mg