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  1. Pro-/Prebiotics, the Gut, and Muscle Mass

    Yeah I've definitely noticed a difference when taking a good quality probiotic. Our gut biomes are all different but I generally have to take 100billion dosage for it to have a worthwhile effect.
  2. Pro-/Prebiotics, the Gut, and Muscle Mass

    I went through the entire stack and can't say I noticed much except a lighter wallet. I tried playing with the dosing but eventually I had to stop using the prebiotic powder since it just lead to non stop passing of gas. Does anyone know if the strains in the probiotic are shelfstable? I'm...
  3. The New Product Release Thread

    ModernBCAA is back!!!
  4. Pro-/Prebiotics, the Gut, and Muscle Mass

    Yes according to Par Deus its 5 capsules per day, but you can reduce down the dose if you want. Bloat is only when combining with the prebiotic product, if I take just the probiotic capsules I dont get the bloat/gas side effects.
  5. Pro-/Prebiotics, the Gut, and Muscle Mass

    Reviews so far.. Finished up the Shock Therapy, can't say it did much. Happy to be off of it as the menthol in the product burned and gave quite a bit of discomfort. Did that for 10 days and now I'm using the probiotic/prebiotic stack. I noticed when I first started using it was doing 5...
  6. Pro-/Prebiotics, the Gut, and Muscle Mass

    I've noticed quite a bit of GI disruption when consuming oral hormonal compounds, it goes away once coming off but during on times you definitely notice it. That was just me, FYI.
  7. Pro-/Prebiotics, the Gut, and Muscle Mass

    Thanks man. I consume maybe 150 to 200mg caffeine per day (coffee and energy drinks) but managing stress is the real battle. Anyways I'm trying the stack, not expecting a cure or really for it to do anything but will report back at the end and let you guys know how it does. I'm on day 3 of the...
  8. Pro-/Prebiotics, the Gut, and Muscle Mass

    I've dealt with bloating/belching for the past decade that I have not been able to treat. Probably have tried every pharmaceutical OTC and RX under the sun (including rifaxamin), probiotics, etc. I've noticed it gets worse during stressful times but then doesn't return to baseline, and...
  9. The New Product Release Thread

    After what that guy did with Giant Whey.. its hard to pick up anything from him #nomorals
  10. BCAA Electrolyte Supplement Does Not Impact Fluid Shifts into Muscle or Performance

    It's nearly 5grams of BCAA's, which isn't as low as you think considering how many products on the market use 5g serving. Scivation's claim is you need 7g, but hard to see how 2 additional grams of BCAA's would change the results significantly. I haven't read the full text so I'm just speculating.
  11. Next PES Insider Deal???

    Don't shoot the messenger, I had read about the Fish oil on another forum!
  12. Next PES Insider Deal???

    Will the new Fish Oil be dropping on this upcoming insider?
  13. The New Product Release Thread

    Also featuring a massive dose of 50mcg of Bacopa!!
  14. ArA and fats in my diet... what can I eat?

    I'll be starting ArA next week and planning 3g Fish oil in the morning, and then ArA in the evening. Probably about 10 hours spaced apart, i dont see this being an issue with the effects ArA shoudl have.
  15. What ODD/Random supplement has worked for you?

    I have to agree.. Prime was fantastic with low rep, heavy weight strength gains.