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  1. Abandon Cycle?

    Ok, so I been on my first cycle test-e 500mg EW for 6.5 weeks now. I also kickstarted with 3 weeks of mdrol. First 3 weeks I gained 10lbs lean muscle. I was lethargic at work and had back/shin pumps here and there. I didn't use any AI or SERM when I stopped didn't get any bad sides like gyno or...
  2. First Test E/Prop Cycle- 12 weeks

    Im 5 weeks into my first test-e cycle and am so jealous that you got to use test-p! I will deff use prop next time. Waiting for enth to kick in is the worst. I did use a 3 week mdrol kickstart tho which gave me a lean 10lbs. The test is only really kickin in now but dont really feel ON. Keep...
  3. Gyno Surgery anyone ?

    I got it done for minor gyno from puberty..I didn't have to be put under or anything but I was still out of the gym for a month or more and had to work back to it slow. Sucks the first few weeks. Get as lean as you can before you go in for surgery.
  4. Injecting with the same needle used to draw from?

    test-e 500mg/week. Did 250mg today just under a CC. My vials are 300mg/ml. I also didn't change the needle and I stuck the vial twice because I didn't get enough the first time. Don't be scared.
  5. Injecting with the same needle used to draw from?

    Just did my first inject this morning and used 23g to draw and stick. completely painless.
  6. Possible fake Havoc? PCT still?

    Nope I got my havoc from amazon..not much better. This is my last week so im going to do 50mg till friday and if I dont get any sides ill just wait 2 weeks with pct on hand if needed prob not and start a test cycle with mdrol kickstart in May.
  7. Possible fake Havoc? PCT still?

    This is day 5 of week 3. I only have enough for 4 weeks. If nothing happens at the end of week 4 should I even bother with PCT? I have some pcs and activate extreme I could use instead on my nolva just in case..but if people don't respond does that mean my body is just not even letting it shut...
  8. Possible fake Havoc? PCT still?

    I'm on week 3 of a suposed bottle of rpn havoc and haven't felt anything at all. No strength or weight increases that I can attribute to the havoc. The bottle was sealed when I bought it but I couln't find an experation date. Dosage: Been on 30mg since Wed of first week and just bumped to 40mg...
  9. last question before cycle

    I'm 23. I might just kickstart with mdrol and keep it 500mg a week
  10. last question before cycle

    I was planning to do a 12 week test-c cycle at 500mg/EW BUT.. I have 3 (10ml vials at 250mg per ml) Question: Should I just do 625mg a week so I use all of it? Question: Should I keep it 500mg and add some EQ instead? I know people say 500 is fine for noobs and all that but people also say...
  11. Last Check For First Havoc Cycle

    You don't think 2 weeks of 40mg nolva is too much for Havoc? I'll get some Activate Xtreme when I reup on protein. I just dont wana spend the amount of money I would as if I had just done a 12 week test cycle on this PCT. I added in my original post some other supplements that I will be using...
  12. Last Check For First Havoc Cycle

    This will be my first PH cycle. Age: 23 Height: 5'6 Weight:150lbs/morning and 156ish/day Maxes: Bench 250, Deadlift 425, squat 315 (I lift more powerlifter oriented) Background: Lifted a little in highschool and through out college but was hard to be very serious with all the distractions but...