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    Unanswered Is 250mg test good for a first cycle?

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    Is it possible to go from 154lbs to 196lbs in 5 months?

    No unless you never ****
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    Sleep Help

    Whatever,it works!
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    Sleep Help

    All these supps are overpriced crap! Get roids build muscle! Drink 2 beers before bed! Money well spent
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    Sleep Help

    2 beers
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    Just finished x gels

    Whats your pct bro? That would be first important.
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    Simple post workout

    Pop tarts are also good post workout.
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    Simple post workout

    Post workout 1 light beer, michelob ultra if possible
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    Estimate on body fat Please

    29% with the shades.28 without
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    Test E

    Ya bad test
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    Clomid is ruining my life!

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    Clomid is ruining my life!

    I dont have to make sense,but it does work. Prick!
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    Clomid is ruining my life!

    No it doesnt at low dose 25
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    Clomid is ruining my life!

    Run it with proviron and nolva.problem solved.
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    What do you guys do with your bottles?

    I eat mine,good protein in plastic bruh.