Looking for best fat burner/weight loss supplement out there.

  1. Looking for best fat burner/weight loss supplement out there.

    Ok, so before I asked a question about best thermogenic out there. Im not sure if these are the same things.

    I ordered radiate from some suggestions and like the energy/mood boosting. It seems mostly full of nootropics.

    What Im looking for is the best supplement to get rid of weight in those extra stubborn areas like the lower gut.

    My exercise/workout regimen is on point. Im just looking for the BEST adjunct out there to burn stubborn fat.

    Please advise! Thanks in advance!

  2. Looking for best fat burner/weight loss supplement out there.

    Hey John! Thank you for your order of Radiate with us, glad to hear you are enjoying it so far!

    As for your question, I can tell you that Radiate was designed to be MUCH more than just an energy boosting/nootropic type product. It is packed full of ingredients that may assist in burning fat. Here is a break down of a few of the ingredients I am talking about:

    Grains of Paradise (Paradoxine)- There are two types of adipose tissue, WAT (white adipose tissues) and BAT (brown adipose tissues). WAT is the sites of energy storage (the fat that makes you look fat), while BAT is responsible for cold-and diet-induced thermogenesis, which helps to control body-energy expenditure, as well as body fat content, meaning this type of fat helps burn fat! Grains of Paradise extract (especially including 12.5% 6-paradol like Paradoxine) has shown to promote WAT transformation into BAT.

    LeanGBB- A patented form of Gamma-Butyrobetaine(GBB) that increases the production of carnitine in your body. L-carnitine acts like a taxi for fat and transports it to the mitochondria to be used as energy, leading to significantly more fat being burned and greater energy levels.

    Rauwolfia Vomitoria (90% Rauwolscine)- This is an alpha-2 receptor antagonist. Alpha 2 receptors can be found in the abdomen, glutes, and other stubborn places in the body that tend to be hard to lose fat from. The reason you aren't losing fat from those areas is because those receptors are holding on to the fat. By deactivating them with Rauwolscine, your body can now release more fat from those areas.

    Higenamine- Also known as norcoclaurine, is an extract from Nelumbo nucifera that exhibits similar fat oxidation effects to Ephedra and Clenbuterol without the side effects that accompany them. Itís a beta-2 agonist, meaning it makes the body release noradrenaline which then causes fat to be released and used for energy meaning it increases the bodyís ability to burn stored fat for fuel.

    KSM-66- This is the industry-leading form of ashwagandha extract standardized to >5% withanolides. This patented form of ashwagandha has been shown to combat stress, reduce mental fatigue (which happens to all of us during the week), enhance your cognitive performance & reaction time, AND most recently it's been shown to not only enhance weight loss for those dealing with chronic stress, but thyroid function as well.

    Hordenine- This ingredient stimulates the release of norepinephrine which is lipolytic, meaning it liberates lipids from adipose tissue. When this occurs, those liberated lipids are oxidized for energy, and results in an overall reduction of body fat.

    Bioperine- This is a patented extract from black pepper that enhances the bioavailability and absorption of dietary ingredients. Itís able to do this by inhibiting their breakdown in the body which leads to an extended the life of the active compounds in the body. One other cool thing about Bioperine is that it has been shown to work similar to Grains of Paradise in assisting in the breakdown of fat.

    Hope that helps understand some of what Radiate was designed to accomplish! @MonteRXS might chime in too ;-)

  3. Yohimbine HCL is the best (and likely the cheapest) way to help drop stubborn BF. If you can't handle Y sides, alpha y is the way to go!

    SNS Yohimbine 2.5 or Alpha Yohimbine are dirt cheap and can be stacked with anything (just watch too many stims )

    If y isn't your thing, SNS also just came out with bulk Higenamine which is another potent burner ingredient, again at a cheap price and able to stack!
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  4. No fatburner on its own is truly going to help you drop weight. And if they do, you'll be unimpressed with the results. Provided you have everything else in order, the way you use them can make a difference. I'm using one called shreddable untamed (Google it), it's incredible. I sweat just walking in the stuff and stack3d has it listed as number 1 in their reviews. The other one I'm using is from steel supplements shredded AF, Google that one as well. Reviews are stellar.

  5. I've used Keto Burn https://www.mrsupps.com/products/94/keto-burn/ . I had some pretty good results and it is not loaded with stims. The other one I am using currently is https://mindandmuscle.net/articles/p...z-hydroxyburn/ . Fairly new to the market but works well.
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  6. First and most important question - how is your diet/nutrition OP? You mention that your training is solid, but fat loss is more about calorie intake and nutrition than any other factor. Also, are you currently doing any cardio?

    I agree with @booneman77 that yohimbine is the cheapest and most effective for stubborn fat. Yohimbine HCL + fasted AM cardio is a great combo to help get rid of stubborn fat - but this still depends heavily on your diet.

    I would also check out FitMax - it will help with mood/focus/energy, but it is also a great product for appetite suppression and fat burning. It contains alpha-yohimbine as well, along with a lineup of other great thermogenic ingredients including olive leaf, bitter orange, and l-carnitine

  7. I would recommend looking at true shred by hard rock supplements. All loggers mentioned shedding weight in the mid section. Check out the logs below:

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  8. the best is totally subjective

    I'm taking lg sciences resolution v2 and really liking it so far

    however I would never take bulk yohimbine, maybe you'll get results but for how crappy it makes me feel, not worth it imo
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  9. Dnp is the strongest. Run some test or some anti-catabolic with it

  10. EC stack IMO is still the best. Some people who can tolerate it take it up a notch with ECY.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Sam stack View Post
    Dnp is the strongest. Run some test or some anti-catabolic with it

    Really? DNP? That's an irresponsible recommendation. This thread is in the supplement sub-forum. DNP is not a supplement. DNP is not a safe recommendation for fat burning. OP is looking for a supplement, not a dangerous drug.

  12. My bad I saw this from the update email. He said best. Technically that is the strongest.

  13. Would you also call clenbuterol an irresponsible suggestion because thays what I use.

  14. ALCAR

    Look up the amazon reviews. Maybe not the strongest, but very good with no side effects
    Think outside the box

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Sam stack View Post
    My bad I saw this from the update email. He said best. Technically that is the strongest.
    If you literally give zero f**ks about safety and potential adverse effects (including death), but that's a silly approach. Risk vs reward is something that should be balanced; if you don't absolutely positively have to lose as much weight as soon as possible, why use DCP? And even then, unless your life literally depends on it, which I can only see being the bizarre hypothetical scenario where someone tells you to lose an obscene amount of weight in a very short time or they'll kill you, it's just a major unnecessary risk.

    Ephedrine and caffeine (EC) would be a much safer option that's still quite effective and proven to work, and can be run for pretty substantial periods of time.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Sam stack View Post
    Would you also call clenbuterol an irresponsible suggestion because thays what I use.
    It's not a supplement, so it doesn't really belong in this section/sub-forum talking about supplements. But most things are safer than DCP.

  17. Wow DNP I wouldn't use personally. I like Alpha Lean by hard rock for a solid Fat burner. But please remember you need to workout and keep a good diet too. That is a must with any fat burner.
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