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  • Hey dude!! Can I ask where you posted your b4 and after pics of the trifecta stack? I just started it too and I'd like to see what it does ! ]Thanks
    I've been off the site for a while. When I posted about cheap Nolva, Innovative Peptides (maybe the biggest/best research chem vendor) was running a July 4th sale -- I think it was Nolva at $15.

    You can find even better prices on Sten Labs -- check their Wednesday sales on their websites. They will often have buy 1, get 2 free on SERMs. I've had good luck with them, and they are sponsors on a couple of major boards. A couple of products that are definitely "feelable" (Tadalafil, Albuterol) have felt exactly like they should.

    Regardless, some of the people on AM have wildly inaccurate views about how much research chems cost. Even at full price ($30 for 60 x 20mg), you can run Nolvadex 40/20/20/10 for four weeks for about $17.
    Hey, I'm new here so I can post yet but a buddy of mine is recommending I try mass FX and hyperdrol x2. I'm starting at 135 just like you did so to hear some one like me got great results is amazing but I was wondering did you change anything else like your eating habits while you were on it?
    Take the Tri with your morning, preworkout, and night dose
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