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  • thank you, I emailed you the info..
    Sports Nutrition / Sports Fullfillment.. I ordered the Genomyx Eviscerate Smolder 180 ML on 6/6 and paid with Paypal. The next day they sent me an email saying that "I" canceled. Which I did not. I did NOT get a refund and they will not answer my numerous emails. The number on the paypal for them is no longer in service. Did I get screwed over?
    thanks, but the code didnt work:(
    You posted "You can get Eviscerate smolder for under $23" Where can I get this? What is the difference between it and Abliderate? I dont have belly fat was more interested in it for my thigh area.
    tks.. ann
    yah man...for whatever reason i registered under sandjunky instead of g_lee
    "all of our PHs have been discontinued..PCT Assist and CA are still being made"

    If this is the case can you sugest good substitutions for the PHs?
    Also if you are still making the PCT Assist, how come every sup company I find says they are out of stock? Who do you sugest I go to to get them?
    "PCT Assist ", "H Drol" & "Cycle Assist" discontinued by Competitive Edge Labs ?

    I have read good reviews on the products. Seemed pretty much everything needed for a Cycle and PCT.

    Competitive Edge Labs H Drol
    Competitive Edge Labs Cycle Assist
    Competitive Edge Labs PCT Assist

    Are they discontinued by Competitive Edge Labs?
    It seems every supplement company I look at on the web says discontinued or out of stock.
    If so is Competitive Edge Labs making replacement products for them?

    If they do not have a replacement what are good substitutions for the above 3 products?
    Hey sir. This will be my first time to take h-drol. I hear really good things about it. I know I need to run CA with it. Any other things I should take while on the H-drol? What do you recommend for PCT and should I start my PCT the last week of taking the H-drol? I"m 31yrs old and just looking for a good light stack that will help out. Thank you for your time.
    Any cycle ideas with M-lmg and d-plex?
    Could you take a look at my post on running d-plex and m-lmg. Wondering how to set this cycle up. Also wanted to know if p.c.t assist and formadrol extreme would be ok for my pct cycle or do I have to use a serm like clomid or nov. Thanks for your time! Partmaster
    i just orderd h-drol,p-plex,and m-drol. i need instruction on taking these supplement pls.. this is my first ph and im going to use h-drol,cycle assist,and nolva! 90 days later im going to stack m-drol and p-plex. pls leave suggestions for both cycles thank u!:dunno:
    Hi I had done a cycle of your x-tren, and m-drol about 3 months ago and was very happy with the results. I saw that your ananbolics were being discontinued so I stocked up. I bought 2 bottles of eq-plex, m-drol, h-drol, D-zine, D-plex, 11 sterone, suppress-c, formestane, and 3 bottles of Stano-drol, 1 bottle of Furuza A. I am six three 238 pounds 18 percent bodyfat and 27 years old I am looking to put on lean muscle and drop bodyfat wondering if you could suggest some stacks, cycle lengths, and dosage. Oh and I have purchased many bottles of PCT and your Cycle Assit to help maxamize my gains and retain them Thank you in advance for your help
    i am gonna get on a cycle of pplex and was wondering what is best to stack with it for cutting.
    Thanks...for taking the time to help.
    I have a quick question for you. When you preload the CA, do you need to preload with 8 caps/day or can you use less say 4 caps/day. Just wondering, its not a money thing. Whatevers best. Also, how would you or would you taper the PCT assist? for a 5 week cycle of Hdrol
    Hey man I was planing on starting a cycle of hdrol, along with Cycle assist. I read that I should start the cycle assist 1 week prior to starting the Hdrol. Is it ok to take my other supps while on h drol such as creatine and pre work out ( White flood and Green Mag). I already take a liver suppert as wwell as a multi and fish oil along with protein and a clean diet. After my cycle what else should I take?
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