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    Hell i eat 3-3.5k a day to stay at my 310-315 weight....yes im a fatty but i like being strong at this weight
    Lol my maintenance would be around 2700 and I weigh 170 that’s bizarre

  2. Guy asks me if I'm still using the machine WHILE i'm in the middle of a set. I said yes I am and that there's the same machine right next to mine that's open. Now he gives me angry glares when we walk by. Got my revenge tho I had a big protein fart to rip in the bathroom and it just so happened that he walked in after the deed.
    Natty or not natty? That is the question

  3. I. Ended a squat rack the other day. They were full, so I stood and waited. Some douche beats me to one by a step. So I stand and wait some more. I eventually get one. By the time I’m finished, he has stood there talking to his friend without having done a single rep during the entire time that I was waiting or when I was doing my set. Absolutely ridiculous.
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  4. Well I guess this thread is still going....
    Don't worry boys and girls, it's just the beginning of the year and all the resolutionists are still in the gym. There's going to be a lot of douchebaggery. It's like Oprah is saying, "You get get a douchebag! You get a douchebag! You get a douchebag! You all get a douchebag!!!"
    Jeremiah 29:11-14

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    This is my gym! It's the worst when they hit the captain morgan pose.



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