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  • BabyHulk
    Its been good to me. Uptake is what I like. Fuller pumps and stuff. Strength is up more so than even when I ran pure german mono.
    How do you like the concrete creatine are you using the pills or the
    powder. I plan on trying concrete next but it's kind of pricey so I want try to get some real feed back from people who are using it.
    I am on 37 days of Green Magitude and for strength it's pretty good
    but I don't like the water retention I am getting on my washboard abs. Kre-alkyn is usually my creatine of choise because of no water
    retention issues but for some reason you don't get as strong on it as you do with a powdered creatine . Any feed back on Con-cret
    would be appreciated. Thank you in advance Totalpackage
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