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  • Hey I NEEEEEED my account to be deleted... id really rather not get kicked off cuz i just have to change my user name. PLEASE HELP!
    Hey jayhawkk could you please help me out I PM'ed you and not getting any responses about this.
    thnks alot ,i was just making sure, coz i read some posts saying that it could come positive, but i see that u have experience and thats why i asked u ... i feel much better now
    i got a question, im on epistane cycle right now , will i test positive if i had a random urinalysis in the air force ?? and thnks for your time
    The most trustworthy friends I ever had were dogs, lol, and pups are lots of fun! Hell of a lot cheaper than kids, and faster to potty train too. :)
    Nothing too exciting here either. Just working too, and still LMAO daily at the boy! I had forgotten what a great source of entertainment babies can be.
    hey man, i really need my account deleted, please let me know if this is at all possible. thanks
    Hey, curious, why is your name in red on the main forum pg. at the very bottom. And some are in gold? Tks.
    Don't know if you canceled my thread or not. If you did then you must be really illiterate and dumb. Read the question that the thread was about before you post some idiotic response.
    I think I rolled in from the bar at 2am or so; i've got 9 more days before I leave my graduating class a year early (skipped 4th year to start medschool early) so I've been partying/drinking iwthas many friends as possible beforeI leave
    Thanks bro, it was my first post, just wanted to dip my toe in the water, didn't know it would be cut off, thanks again
    I'm really looking forward to this new aspect of my marriage. Great to hear that your personal life is going well my man. It sounds like you found a great girl. :)

    If you ever need to talk, or just vent, always feel free to hit me up, J. My cell number is on my facebook page. I need to go catch up on your log now, haha.
    Everything is going pretty well, J. I just got back from visiting trip and the family in new hampshire. The wife and i had a really good time.

    Now i'm just focusing on school, and starting a family. I still think the idea of a little T1 is scary, lol. I'm excited though man. :)

    How have you been?
    I'm breaking this virgin wall in. What's the word my brotha? You still "Puttin' the P back in Pimp?!?!" :D
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