Fish with rice & feeling full AF??

  1. Fish with rice & feeling full AF??

    So Im currently in the middle of bulking at the moment current weight is bouncing in the middle of the 200ís. Im only eating 3-4 times a day. Im eating roughly 3 salmon pieces per meal (which is about 64 grams of protein) with about 1 oz of white rice. I can tell you this. Im dropping fat like crazy, I wake up full, I feel like I have a pump all day long and my muscle mass is getting bigger every 2 days. (I have completely cut my anabolic use out so Iím playing it natty) supplements im using is natural sterol complex and rich pianas alldayyoumay. With all of this short information being said, can anyone explain the reason why im feeling this pump daily even before working out?

  2. Youíve tuned the machine. This is what it is like when everything is on point 100%. Youíre killing it brother!
    Do as I say, not as I do.

  3. You have enough glycogen fuel and protein/nitrogen to support the accrual of new tissues but not the carloric and fat/carb surplus required to maintain fat stores.
    Do as I say, not as I do.

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