Prohormone Help!

  1. Prohormone Help!

    I am trying to put on as much mass as possible. I currently weight 155 and ideally I want to be around 175. I recently took Super DMZ 2.0 from Blackstone Labs and put on roughly 10 pounds in a month. My metabolism is fast as heck. I eat 8 meals a day, 2 of those are Mass gainer protein shakes. I want to take another cycle since that seemed to be the only thing that has helped me gain weight. I like DMZ and Methylstenbolone but i feel like my last cycle didnt have enough of it. Any suggestions?

  2. I have always has great results with SuperDrol by HiTech. I would go with 3 tabs daily for 6-8 weeks max.
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  3. Prohormone Help!

    How recently was your last cycle? What did your PCT look like? What's your height, age, training experience, etc? If you can't gain weight at 155, the answer is figuring out and dialing in your diet and caloric intake, as well as training and rest, not taking more PHs. Unless of course you're barely 5' tall. So you were 145 before your last cycle, or did you lose some eight after the cycle ended?

    Edit: I see you are listed at 5'10" 155lbs.

  4. Track those macros and keep at it. Set a goal and even dirty bulk if you have to, then recomp after. It's what I did and it worked wonders.
    However, Halodrol or SDrol (if you can handle the sides) are very good at bulking. Make sure you have proper maintenance supps in place

  5. Hello folks,

    This is my very first post on here so I'll try to be as quick and to the point as possible.

    I'm the exact same situation as the OP: I'm 5'10, 156lbs, "low" % body fat (Don't have an exact %, can see every ab when flexed?)

    Looking to reach that 170lb mark at some point.

    Been lifting on/off for last 6/7 years. Got super serious for a solid year back in 2013, made fantastic progress. After having to take a mandatory time away from the gym due to work, I returned from work and tweaked my back, stopped lifting.

    Reboot 3 months ago and am back into the swing of things just like before. Gym schedule is currently 5x a week, sometimes twice in one day if I think anything is falling behind. Always free weights, always lift heavy, making good progress. I've got the nutrition side of things taken care of, I've got your basic workout supplements down (Pre/Creatine/Protein), supplements for joints/other things...

    I have now started taking Hi-Tech's Superdrol and Laxogenin 100. I'm currently on day 3 of it. One bottle lasts 3 weeks, considering buying another bottle and going 6 weeks if good progress is being made.

    I need suggestions on what I will need to take Post-Cycle to keep myself normal and hopefully KEEP my progress I've made, and what I need to be taking while On-Cycle. Only thing I'm taking right now in regards to that is Milk Thistle at bedtime several hours after my second dose of PH.

    Hope I didn't take too long, I appreciate the time and am really excited about getting back to where I was several years ago, especially with the help of a PH.

    Thank Y'all

  6. If you arent gaining weight itís scientific fact you arenít eating enough calories. Or you have a problem like underlying disease, thyroid, etc. but you probably just arenít eating right

    For any PCT take Nolva or Clomid. No Way around

  7. GOMAD whole milk, squat and deadlift

  8. Yeah, run a real cycle...much safer and more effective than that prohormone crap

  9. Real talk. Just pin. Run test solo first go round. Then the next go round kick it off with just some dmz @20-40mg a day for 4 weeks. It will be a dry good kicker. If you want a more sloppy kicker. Get some dbol and kick with it. Hell you could run test for 12 weeks. First 4 dbol. And weeks 10-14 dmz to lower your water and solidify your growth before starting pct. just run 500mg minimum of Tudca all the way through.


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