Tren & SARMs Cycle Log



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Took 8 months off from all PEDs other than a cruise dose of 250 Test/week. Hopped back on a month ago and figured I’d share the results of the rest of this lean bulk for the hell of it.

This pic was day 6
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Weeks 1 & 2:
Test E 200mg
Tren A 280mg

Week 3: Added Ostarine 37.5mg/day
Week 4: Bumped Ostarine up to 50mg/day

Ostarine has been a nice light kick-starter for me in the past but I’ve taken so much of the stuff that it wasn’t doing much for me at all this time around.

Just started week 5. Dropped the Ostarine a couple days ago, switched to RAD-140 20mg/day. Already harder, fuller and more vascular after just a few days of the RAD. Strength increase with RAD was almost instant. Shirts are already fitting tighter.

Calories at 3000-3500/day (roughly) depending on rest days and how I look throughout the day. This is a 1000 calorie increase from pre-cycle. Had to jump that much to even put on size with Tren. Diet is not too strict, just shooting for relatively clean and 220g protein.

Also running Anastrozole and Caber as needed.
TUDCA 500mg/day.

Plan for the rest of the cycle:

Week 7 & 8:
Test 200
Tren to 350mg
RAD 20mg/day

Week 9 & 10:
Test 200
Tren 350mg
RAD 30mg/day

Running the same doses out to Week 12 if I’m not experiencing sides, then dropping the Tren and RAD and thinking about DMZ 45mg/Msten 25mg for another 4 weeks before I take a break (if my body cooperates).

Don’t have a scale at my new apartment so I’m just going to try keep up with pictures as often as I can.

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