Topical Letro with Clenviscerate for gyno?


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I have struggled with puberty induced gyno for a long time (34 now). Before I succumb to surgery I wanted to try other options to reduce it....and i know it is a long shot according to most.

Combining liquid clenbuterol with eviscerate to help reduce chest fat got me thinking that perhaps liquid Letro could also be used in a similar way.

The molecular weight of Letro is under 300 so I am assuming it will absorb transdermaly with eviscerate.

I was planning to start with 40mcg liquid clen + evis in the morning applied to my chest. Then in the evening 1.25 mg liquid Letro + evis . This way I am destroying localized chest estrogen and fat at the same time.

6'1 255lbs and about 15% body fat currently

I am doing a CKD and eating well below maintenance .

What are your thoughts on liquid Letro applied topically with eviscerate? I am definitely doing Clenviscerate and thought it may be a great addition. This way would also avoid all of the systemic total body sides from crushing estrogen like Letro would normally do if ingested.


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Gyno isn't fat, it's from the breast tissue growing, so clen won't help imo. You're best shot would probably be ralox+letro, but considering how long its been there, i doubt it will dissapear

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