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Hello everyone,

I'm 6'4" 245lbs about 12-13%bf (hoping to be 11% when I start in April). Been running gear for over 6 years.

I'm looking to do a 16-18 week cycle of test (500mgs ew), npp (400-500mgs ew), masteron E (600mgs ew), proviron (50-75mgs Ed) and will be running GW (20mgs ed), sr9009 (30-40mgs Ed), and laxogenin for the whole cycle.

-What do you recommend length wise for Npp, masteron, proviron (8 weeks, 12 weeks, whole cycle)?
-Also, the mgs per week look okay? Should I throw in masteron later in cycle?
-I also have S4, rad140,yk11, and ostarine on hand if anyone thinks they would be beneficial.

I'm looking to recomp.

Throw me your ideas, thanks so much!
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