Severe Allergic Reaction to SubQ Admin of Alpha Pharma Induject-250 (Sust-250 Blend w/ Ethyl Oleate) Testosterone



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Hey guys,

I got my hands on products from different pharmacies around the world to get to know what's out there. I started a daily subq regime that has resulted in a severe allergic reaction which has created hard to the touch, dense, red, lumpy welts which are expanding and very itchy. I'll later go into the exact treatment protocol which is working for me. Here's what we've got going on over a multi-day period:




(The purple bruising is unrelated)


Again, we can see the unrelated bruising here)

The Protocol

I have been taking a daily mixture, subcutaneously around the abdomen of exactly 0.44ml of solution:
  • 0.2ml / 50mg of Induject-250 [Alpha Pharma "Induject 250" / Sustanon-250 blend - India]
  • 0.1ml / 25 mg of testosterone enanthate [Landerlan "Testenate Depot"- Paraguay]
  • 0.14ml / 35 mg of boldenone undecylenate [Alpha Pharma "Boldebolin" - India]
The first five days or so were fine, no issues, but the reaction started afterwards and only continued to get worse. I discontinued the only product here which isn't like the rest (the enanthate from the Paraguyan pharamacy Landerlan), yet the reactions continued and after also injecting the Landerlan in a different area subq, no reactions continued there so I concluded that the culprit must be the carrier oil that Alpha Pharma uses. I attempted a thorough online search in various languages and have been unable to discover which carrier oil Alpha Pharma uses, and only arrived at answers through the speculation and uncertainty of others online. I sent repeated emails to Alpha Pharma's HQ in India, practictally begging for help, in hopes that they would respond to me and share with me which carrier oil they are using.

The Problem

After a couple weeks of spamming their inboxes, they finally responded to me confirming that their carrier oil is indeed ethyl oleate. They confirmed this is the carrier oil in their Induject-250 product. I would hazard to guess that this is also the same oil in their Boldebolin Equipose product as well, since the consistency and color are identical. I will also mention that these products are very good, and they do work. The Alpha Pharma test hits strong and seems to have the expected psychoactive effects that we feel when taking propionate. I'm not so consciously aware of the other esters in this blend, but my performance in the gym would suggest that this product is working great, regardless of the allergic reaction to subq injections.


I have since moved to intramuscular injections and will report back from an update, hoping that I don't continue any allergic reactions via IM administration.

The Treatment

Finally, The treatment protocol that I am on for curbing this reaction is the following:

I took an injection of two combined glucocorticoid steroids: betamethasone dipropionate and betamethasone disodium phosphate which came in a single ampule.
Here is the Betaprospan from União Química medication bula to read, and a photo of the product.


I am also using a topical anti-itch cream, thrice daily (these lumps are very itchy) which contains triamcinolone acetonide, neomycin, gramicidin, and nystatin.
Here is the Oncileg Creme medication bula from Legrand, and a photo of the product.


TL;DR Alpha Pharma uses Ehtyl Oleate, it could cause an allergic reaction for someone if administrating subq, be careful. Treatment may be a glucocorticoid steroid with proven anti-allergic properties and some sort of a topical creme which can help reduce inflammation in the surface layers of the skin as well as the itching. I'll report back on my progress.

I want to be clear that I am not attacking the efficacy of Alpha Pharma's products. I believe they work very well. However, it seems many of these Asian pharmacies choose ethyl oleate and possibly other synthetic carrier oils which may carry serious side effects depending on the administration protocol.
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It's now been a few days since the betamethasone injection and the reaction has significantly reduced back down to the local injection sites where the irritating oil will still remain for some time due to half life.


I will also add that after a conversation with Landerlan in Paraguay, their testosterone enanthate (Testenat Depot 250) is based on ethyl oleate and their Durateston Plus 250 blend (Sustanon-250) is made with miglyol oil. This could be useful information for anyone researching this. They don't like their excipients.

It's been a few more days and it's continued to clear up.

Ten days later (Feb 24th) and it's fully cleared up.
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