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Starting an MK677 cycle

I’m 25 years old and always been natural. I’m a small guy never been able to put on weight easily. I can eat all day every day with no weight gain. Started training 1 year ago at 6’2” and 146lbs. I am currently at 167lbs before starting MK677 cycle.

Started on 25mg ED MK677 hoping for an increase in appetite and overall strength/muscle swelling. It’s legit stuff from a Canadian pharmacist with an HPLC machine, not a big brand company. i.e. no marketing.

pre-MK677 lifts:

bench 5x5: 135lbs; barely able to hit that last rep on set 5

squat 10rm: 155lbs

deadlift 5rm: 250lbs

I have been on it 1 week. After one week I can easily hit my 5x5 135lb maximum. In fact I find myself hitting 7 reps for that same weight and have started adding 10lb plates on either side to stay at 5-6 reps per set. This was unheard of before.

The pumps are insane and last twice as long. Vascularity has started to improve and overall motivation in the gym is great. I feel like I can work out as much as I feel like.

Sleep has improved, increase in dreams.

Appetite is improved. Not exactly ravenous all the time but when it is time to eat I can eat a lot more. I generally do intermittent fasting for the sense of well-being it gives me so I’m used to being hungry and just waiting to eat, this may be why the ravenous hunger isn’t there for me.

I eat the same thing most days.
Breakfast: 11am 4oz of cheese and crackers

lunch: 1pm 10-11oz ribeye well salted cooked in grass fed butter with half a cup of rice with grass fed butter and salt

3pm: 1 banana and 2 kiwi for potassium and minerals plus maybe a pop tart or protein bar

4pm: 2 packs of oatmeal with 10grams of collagen protein

5:30pm preworkout


dinner is usually a monster mash bowl of 4 eggs, sausage, avocado, rice etc or whatever the wife makes like chicken and potatoes.

additional snacks depending on the day and how I feel.

This is week 1, will update my weight on Monday to see if anything has changed. I’ve never been over 170lbs.

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