Unanswered Is turkesterone/ecdysterone safe &effective?


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Hi everyone.

I have a few queries about ecdysterone/turkesterone :

1) Ecdysterone's anobolic effect is mediated by the estrogen receptor beta - doesn't this adversely affect the hormonal system in anyway? No negative side-effects of this, like man boobs etc.?

2)Studies say that for muscle gain, ecdysterone alone works better than nerobol or dinabol - but a lot odfposts here say otherwise. So at 37 years of age, can ecdysterone/turkesterone help me gain an ADDITIONAL 1 pound of muscle a month if not more if i do everything right? I'll be happy with this

3) Where can I buy genuine turkesterone from- Tonvara or Boldanic or some place else?(Yes, inspite of all the posts I'm still confused)

Can anyone please help on these?
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