Epicatechin vs Uro B

Cheeky Kunt

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love Epi, never ran UB — how would you compare these / at all ?

currently just looking to lean bulk and UB has me very interested but they always say if the wheel ain’t broke don’t fix it and Epi has always suited me well

just looking for thoughts from users who’ve used both (99% will end up stacking but funds only for one ATM)


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Without even comparing the two, in your situation, I’d go UroB since you already know you like epicatechin. But I just like trying new things.

For me, UroB started giving great pumps maybe the first day. I don’t remember, but within a few days for sure. Strength gains were mild, but noticeable. I really enjoyed it. But it kicked in pretty quick, so you should probably know in less than a month if it’s helping.