cycle 13 log and update on what I’m planning to do forward



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Hi started my cycle 13 weeks back started from trest oral 100mg Ed and that was up and down all 13 weeks from 50mg Ed just to keep something while im can’t get to gym or sick till 150mg Ed when im full with power or try to hit PR Trestolone oral trest is basic of my cycle right thru cycle all 20 weeks already was 2 cycles first was 20 days of s23 and rad 140 it was same as msten or sd for sides then I was sick from sides 10 days hardly hit the gym I was back 5 days in a row hit the then 2 days off again on cycle of sd matrix I know it is m1t but it is really good I gain a lot of weight from it after 20 days cycle I gained 7 kg weight alot of strength and now is nearly there im planning to stay on for another 7 weeks on trest and now time to move I open my box with unfinished bottles and do short blast high dosages for 1 week 6 day workout
1-dbol 55t dbol 8/8/8/8/8/8/7
2-osta 9t 25mg 1/1/1/2/2/2 6 days
3-rad 140 71t rad I will continue for 25mg Ed for another week with trest then do 2 weeks trest only and last blast 3 weeks will decide later

Cycle support all 20 weeks and 5 weeks pct
1-milk thistle
3-hawthorn berry

For pct 5 weeks

Test production
1-nolva 5 weeks 3/2/2/1/1
2-clomid 4 weeks 2/2/1/1
Anti catabolic
1-clebuterol 5 weeks 1/2/0/1/2
2-mk677 5 weeks 1/0/2/0/2
Insulin sensitivity support
1-metformin 5 weeks 1/1/1/1/1 I know somebody says don’t mess with it but i need it when I’m on clen and mk677 my sugar is rised and go down after cycle and metformin is change that for me but I’m still careful with dosages of clen and mk677

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