First Test E Cycle Help( going to make progress log to keep updates)


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hi i'm 26 years old, been trainning since 2004. 5'7", 168pounds, brown hair, blue pants, black shoes, no 260 bench, 300 deadlift, 280 squat. curently dieting (priming) gona start pinning in 2 weeks keep dieting for 3. my GOAL is GAIN MORE MASS & keep at least 25% of it...example if i gain 20 pound i keep 5 im glad. i will be training with high volume duriong cycle, HIT during PCT & following 2 weeks then i go back on 5X5 for 12 weeks to increase my strenght naturaly. Plan on cycling till i die. since i don thave anything to kickstart my cycle ill only start eating like a mad horse the seconde week after first pin.
running Test E 500mg/week. i have 20 250mg/ml vials. a ton of nolva. i had ordered dbol & hcg with i but it never came, 6 month ago i got the test and dbol & hcg never

MY QUESTION is..since i dont have hcg, should i pin every 3 days or 4 days?
if i pin every 3 days my cycle last 9 weeks, if i pin every 4 days it last 11 weeks. is 9 weeks long enough for test only? or is 11 weeks to long without hcg? from what ive read any cycle lasting 8 weeks or more should include hcg.Butt its my decision im going at it, i dont have money to buy anything else but all the food i will need & pay rent so, thats my case. thanks

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