Best Fat Loss Book or Manual? I Will List Common Ones


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Hello Everyone,

1. Is there a single "go to" book about fat loss that works, and advice is sound?

I think the top contenders are:

a. Jeremy Ethier "Built with Science"
b. Tom Venuto "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" "Holy Grail" and Inner Circle Forum
c. Lyle McDonald "Ultimate Diet 2.0" "Rapid Fat Loss Diet"

Any opinions?

2. Although personal anecdote has little place in a science of double blind case studies, I still think it is evocative. For many people in many things, the hardest part is getting over emotional baggage, usually unmet expectations, discouragement, etc. and try something new with an open mind.

About 20 years ago, I truly believed in "Body for Life". While I still think Bill Philips is good for inspirational talk and goal setting, the science definitely isn't there:
- "Eat as many vegetables as you want; nature will make more". In truth, too many vegetables cause a bloated feeling, insufficient calories, digestive issues, etc.
- "The free day is great for leptin" (Leptin takes far more than one day of overfeeding)
- Fasted cardio burns 300% more fat than fed cardio (That is just not true. Fasted cardio needs to be done in a caloric deficit, and even then is far less than 300% more fat).


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I know the internet almost seems split on Layne Norton (mainly due to personality), but his book "Fat Loss Forever" is easily the single best nutrition book I've read.

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