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  • CopyCat
    I was, in Afghanistan right now, and been stationed in DC area as of late. May be making my way back to SD next year if orders work out well.
    Hey, post your fierce review up when you can!!!
    what do you think of the pre workout by bioquest called alpha fury?
    Your invited to my log for AGST and PUMP!
    When the hell did you move to SD? You haven't always listed there as your hometown.
    John Smeton
    Cameron diaz with biceps and veins
    hi, excuse me i'm new in the forum and i want a advice to you.
    i must start my frist cycle of anabol..i have the 'sus500' 60caps(Active Ingredients:
    Estra-4 9-Diene-3 17-Dione, 13-Ethyl-3-Methoxy-Gona-2, 5(10)-Diene-17-One, 3, 17 Ketoetiochol-Triene, Silymarin Extract, TPGS (Advanced Delivery System), In A Base Of Safflower Oil, Gelatin).
    what PCT must i take for this product?
    what is the most good PCT of iForce Reversitol, A-X Advanced PCT or IBE Formex ,Clomid , Nolvadex , novedex xt ????
    and what liver support?? SNS Liver Assist XT or prfect cycle Anabolic extreme are good?
    thanks a lot. best regards.
    Your user photo caught my attention while checking for Carnivor posts. Who is she? Thanks.
    how much weight and strength did you gain from the cre02 imma start taking it
    I also use ...... as a bulk supplier of many items. As far as published studies, Dat would be the one to ask. I can offer you the anectdotal encouragement of my most recent research theory: 12 weeks CJC/GHRP-6, 12 weeks CJC/Hex, have begun 12 weeks CJC/ GHRP-2. The addition of the alpha GPC came in the second 12wk protocol. My pre-inj stack consists of:1. 3gms GABA 2. 3gms L-dopa 4. 3gms Arginine composite(AAKG,arg-hcl,arg ethylest,and agmatine) 5. 1 gm quercetin. 6.1000mg Alpha GPC. All taken on an empty stomach, AND when blood glucose is no higher than 99.(Yes, I use a meter).I have not only maintained lean mass, but gained, and more importantly,have developed the classic "Striations", that only come with pre-contest diet routines. I am not on a pre-contest regimen, but rather a high carb albeit low glycemic carb lean bulk fest! My dosages of CJC would be considered low by most,...but the stack has provided me with at least a synergy if not amplification.
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